Gay Pride

My feelings on Gay Pride.I feel gay pride is needed and I feel until we have equal rights then we should have pride week and parades.I feel that every gay person should go to at least one pride event. I feel we owe it to the gay's before us that path the way some with there lives.I feel str8 people should come out and check pride week out maybe go to a parade. I believe if they did they would see all we want is to be treated equal.I believe in this "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" When everybody believes in this then we will have the same rights.I believe in "Live and Let Live"I don't believe in Christian Organizations that preach hate.
If I believe and I do believe the bible tells me that God made me from him and God don't make mistakes. I am not broke or sick I am the way I am cause God want's me this way.Christian people really does same sex marriage bother you that much really? How's does it really hurt you? Don't just throw up the bible says cause you already got that so screw up and only use parts to spew your hate. I think before you start worrying about us gays and are back yard clean up your own.Something I want you to think about this pride month. Giving yes I said giving in these hard times I have ran into a few people that was having a hard time I posted about it did what I could but I want you to think about something. Instead of giving to the big gay groups give to your local gay groups the ones that help the gay elderly or the ones that help local gays that lost there jobs or maybe a local gay group that work with gay youths. Please give what you can if its cash or maybe food or even better your time.This gay pride let us remember the example set by our LGBT ancestors. Let us remember it is the love that lives inside of us that compels our full self expression. We can love ourselves and our partners regardless of what the government or religious fundamentalists say. this pride let us celebrate the light that shines on humanity when we allow our greatest truth and our greatest love to flow freely. In this political climate it would have been easy to hate myself, even take my own life as too many young LGBT people still do. However my inner experience of unconditional love was greater than my internalized homophobia. That inspired me to embrace my personal truth and uniqueness even before I knew I was gay. I believe that many of my lgbt brothers and sisters would also say that it is self love that empowers our community to collectively remain steadfast in our truth. Never forget the ones that died so we could carry are rainbows flags! For me in my time I carry the flag for Matthew Shepard!HAPPY PRIDE!
This is an Awesome song listen 2 it!
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  1. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Happy Pride Month, stay Proud and Loud!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    (Wanna be christians are the drunk
    person in the crowd that gets the
    other drunks panties twisted)



    ps. I'm so very proud of you...
    I couldn't ask for a better child.
    I wouldn't trade you for the world

  3. Says:

    You wrote 'I feel str8 people should come out and check pride week out maybe go to a parade.' I think it's time that President Obama show his colours by participating.

  4. ryan field Says:

    Great Post. We have a pride weekend every year here in New Hope.

  5. naturgesetz Says:

    Ryan, you know I love you, so keep that in mind.

    The thing about marriage is that it was always understood as a permanent union with the potential of producing children, and it was that potential that gave it an importance to society that was different from other loving relationships.

    We should have fought harder against no-fault divorce, which abandons the permanence of marriage. Many of us are unwilling to see the reproductive significance thrown out as well by changing the very definition of marriage as the union of man and woman to the union of two persons. Part of the problem is that in the popular subconscious, the link has already been broken by the acceptance of contraception.

    Our Western societies (other than Latin America, I think) are reproducing at a rate well below what is required to sustain them. The inevitable result will be the repopulation of Europe and North America by immigrants and their descendants, largely Muslim in Europe, Muslim and Hispanic here in North America. This may have some consequences for gay rights fifty to seventy-five years from now.

    Anyway, the opposition to same-sex marriage is a belated attempt to preserve the primordial meaning of marriage when all too much of that meaning has already been jettisoned and the institution is no longer understood.

    And BTW, did Matthew Shepard die so people can parade around in jockstraps?

  6. elise Says:

    My str8 life would be so empty without my gay friends and loved ones, so I am Proud to wear my rainbow colors all month!

  7. janek85 Says:

    I bought myself a rainbow pendant for Pride. 40 Years on, the fight continues, but I'm thankful every day for being gay. Stay proud!