Work in Progress

As most of you know I am dealing with a lot shit right now in my life. After the car wreck seems like I have a lot on my plate and the smallest things just set me off. I know this a problem and I am trying to deal with it the best that I can. If I have snap or bit anybody's head off I'm sorry I know I'll get thru this and it will be a stone in life and a lesson I learned. Also I want to talk about the wreck and what lead up 2 it but you have to wait on that when I'm ready. I will tell the story it needs to be told it might help someone else not 2 make the same mistake but I'm just not ready yet. I am seeking help and it's not for the drinking as many thought I do not have a drinking problem. I went to a doctor and consoler for that and they also agreed I didn't have a drinking problem so pass me the captain morgan dammit!Let me touch on a few news topics that kinda pising me off a little. Chinese buying Hummer from GM. Who the hell cares it's a gas hog anyway let them buy it maybe they can make it run better and not suck the fuel down. I was watching the news last night and people were so made over this I was like who gives a shit if it's costing GM money then let it go. Next is Obama going over to these Muslims country's just a few things on this I feel this is a waste of time and I don't feel it's should be on the top of the list. I also don't think there giving Americans much credit thinking were misapprehend about the Muslim world. Were not we understand clearly the problem is Al-Qaeda Islamic terrorism and Iran. Next is Jon & Kate I think there just playing games with America they were losing viewers and they knew what they were doing look 5 million viewers there little game worked they will be getting paid. Any of you watch that I'm a Celebrity Get me out of here? Spencer & Heidi Pratt are they for real? Is anybody that conceited and full of themselves there acting right? If not well all I can say is hate them!!!
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  1. ryan field Says:

    You sound like you're getting to a better place. Glad you don't have a drinking problem.

  2. Says:

    Take your time.

    Though, I can't recommend to indulge in any rum as long as your on drugs.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This Spencer Pratt dude, who the Hell does he think he is? Until today when they were talking about him on the View I never heard of him but he said he is the most popular man on Earth. He's so full of shit you'd have to uncap his skull to dip it out! Sorry, I just hate a pompous Ass! ed

  4. To be honest after reading your post I was somewhat helpless, not about your little rambling part 2, but about your first part. You have tried to make big effort not to sound too mature, and I’ve asked myself, who I am to offer you some advice, how can I say something positive that doesn’t sound hollow or outworn, so I’m sorry I haven’t much to say, only I think on you with good feelings and I guess you’ve found in yourself something called firmness.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I really don't care about that
    Jon and Kate...It's their life...
    They made their bed...They can
    sleep in it...It isn't for me to
    worry about...

    Who the hell are that spencer and
    his wife...I know all the others
    but when they were introducing them
    I have no idea who the hell they
    are...I really don't care either...