You Kidding Me?

Something I don't talk about much on here is my sister. Main reason why is I want to protect her. I feel girls need more protecting on the net than boys. I know not true but my way of thinking. Anyway I haven't but talked about her on here only a few times. Reason I am today cause this kinda involves her and some other family members. Now my sister she what they call a tween and much as I love her she can be a little nerve racking get her and her friends together and all that giggling and scream yeah ya feel me. I am so tired of Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Zack & Cody and all them that is all she talks about. She has most of there stuff like any girl her age would or should have. She has the videos, CDs, jewelry, t-shirts bedroom stuff. Like I said everything a tween girl needs or wants to be cool.

Yesterday my uncle on my mom side stop in for a visit. He and his family is here in Florida on vacation. My mom is from Florida for those that didn't know. Kinda explains why I moved here huh? Anyway my uncle and his family stops over when they find out my mom is here. I haven't seen them in a few years myself was looking forward to seeing them he always seem like a nice guy to me and never treated me any different unlike some of the rest of my family. He has 3 kids 14, 9, 6 two boys and a girl the middle. I haven't seen the kids I think since the youngest was born. Mom always told me her brother was a good guy but was a little strange and strict. She said it was his being in the military that made him that I think that had something to do with it along with his father but that's another story.

Well the kids were well behave and very polite. Almost like they were scared to move or touch anything. Of course around me that shit anit gonna fly. I told them come on let the adults talk and took them into the family room. In there we have so much fun stuff like any family room would have least I would think. Playstations, Xbox ya know all the fun stuff. They were like lost in headlights my brothers took over with the boys asking them if they wanted to play video games and can you believe this they youngest has never played and the older boy said he's played at his friends house. They don't own a video game wtf? Then my sister came up to me and told me that my niece loves Hanna Montana but owns nothing of hers. I am ok this is way 2 weird for me.

Me being the out spoken person I am. I had to go out and ask my uncle what the deal was. So the adults was in the kitchen when I hobble my way in there. He started asking me about the wreck and all. I was nice answer the questions and such then it was my turn. I was like how come you don't have an xbox? How come my niece don't own any Hanna Montana stuff why don't she have a Jonas Brothers t-shirt? How come you kids act like robots you mean or something? Course my dad is like Ryan! I am like what? So I look back at him waiting for the answers to my questions. So he said it's ok he would answer it. He said he works to hard for his money to give it to some kid star that will either piss or drug it away. Ya know what I told him it was a copout. I said you can do what you want with your money it's yours but making your kids go without just coz you worried about what these stars are gonna do with it just crazy.

Personally I think it's stupid. If you don't have the money is one thing but when you do is another. I'm not saying spoil the kids hell my parents did that 2 us and we love them for it. But making them do without that anit right. Well you know my siblings hook are kinfolk up. They had some old gameboys and my sister gave up some of her stuff and them kids were so happy. Mom didn't know she said that when she sent them Christmas gifts she always sent clothes and books and stuff she said that's what her brother said they wanted. From now on mom gonna talk with them and she what they really want. Now I'm not mad at my uncle or is he mad at us there coming over today for a cookout I just don't understand his thinking is all. Hell who knows if he gives me a few days I might change his way of thinking. Come on uncle take me to the international mall there is a diesel store there and there's this pair of jeans I want they only cost 175.00 bucks! Besides the diesel salesman is super hot!!!!

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  1. Says:

    I'm a bit confused. Do you want the jeans and the salesman, or are the jeans for you and the salesman is for him?

  2. Polt Says:

    I dont have a video game system either. And it's been well over 10 years since I've played one.

    Course, I'm old and all, so that probably explains it all. :)


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Josh has EVERY game system...
    He sit's for HOURS playing
    CALL OF DUTY with friends on line
    (when he isn't at band or parties)
    It nerves me...That may be one
    reason why your uncle doesn't
    want the kids to have those things.
    He doesn't want them to spend all
    their time playing those things...
    Not the clothes...That's another
    story...I can see getting your
    child shirts that they like...
    And that they will wear alot...
    Hey...I spent all that money on
    clothes for Josh because the
    sales guy was HOT! Those jeans
    you bought you have only worn
    once...You need to wear them
    at least once more...



  4. ryan field Says:

    Sounds like you'd be a great father.

  5. naturgesetz Says:

    Yeah. I agree that games can be too much of a time waster. But I'm sure your uncle will put reasonable limits on how much time the kids spend on them. Anyway, it took guts to speak up about it. Good for you.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    You sound like you are a great son too. So I guess growing up spoiled doesn't make you bad or messed up but loving and caring. So much for what the professionals teach. You rock, Ryry! ed

  7. Angel Says:

    ^_^ tweens can be crazy sometimes, im with you there. About your uncle I think that hes just way to strict. Kind of sounds like he doesn't want them to loose their innocence and shelter them which "from my personal experience" just aint right. Some people need time to change so hopefully once he sees what your family is doing to bring abit of enjoyment in their lives he may soften that thick leather commando heart.

    You would spend almost 200 bucks on jeans you may never wear...hmm. I know your spoiled but I guess when you have the money to buy those kind of things I guess its ok. I myself am a bargain shopper, yet I like nice things. But if you want em I would say go for it if you can afford it. Ive never seen a diesel sales man because, well. Fancy stores like that are pretty far away. I like fashion don't get me wrong but if I have to drive an hour just to go get them I DON'T THINK SO!

    Keep your chin up buckaroo and be all the man that you are.

    Love ya,
    the lil angel by the sea

  8. Anonymous Says:

    You have no right giving your uncles kids video games. Some of the violence in games today is disturbing and the fact that they sit for hours on end and play them, you are not doing them any favors. Buy them some sports equipment so they can get out in the yard and have fun with that. Yout going to make them fat couch potatoes.

    A fat couch potato speaking from experience