So much going on in my life right now it all a bit much for me if I'm honest. I got offer a sweet deal and at first I wanted it but now I not sure. It's causing a lot of issues between me and Kadin. This weekend we had some people come in that would be apart of my deal and things just didn't go well with them. Then yesterday we went over to Kadin's parents house against my best judgement I know them people don't like me and they have been very open about that. When the topic came up about my golden ticket deal they wasn't happy at all and really got pissed when they found out it was Canada.

When they heard Kadin would also be going I thought the roof was coming off the house. Just like last time words were said and I try to respect them for they are his parents but I am human and can only take so much before I defend myself. Well it ended up bad and now Kadin is pissed and me hell he didn't even come home last night stayed with his parents not sure if he's coming here tonight I talked to him once today but it was a short talk. Lord knows I am respectful to my elders and don't go off on people unless I am under attack. Now I think about it is this golden ticket worth losing my boyfriend over I am thinking it's not. The other issue that were going to have to deal with is his parents. I just don't know where to start on that issue.

Life is sucking right now!
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  1. Samad Says:

    Oops. You're right. You should not have gone over there.

    They don't like you, so I really don't understand why you went there to try to ask permission or acceptance.

    You're gonna get rejection anyway, so going there kinda makes things worse.

    But I guess you know that know, in hindsight.

    Anyway, give Kadin a day or two. Love is a strong bond. They may be his parents, but ultimately, he's gotta choose his own life.

    And he gets to go to Canada. Yay.

  2. ryan field Says:

    I don't know what to say. I'd have to hear the deal first. If you want to e-mail me, I'll listen. And maybe I can offer something.

    Sorry about the drama...I hate those scenes and avoid them at all cost. But if I were Kadin, I'd be waiting for you to call me so we could talk. And I'd probably be missing you badly. Just saying.

  3. naturgesetz Says:

    How free is Kadin to go to Canada with you?

    Why are Kadin's parents pissed that you have a sweet deal? What difference does it make to them where you go?

    Is your future with Kadin secure enough that it's worth giving up Canada for?

    If you don't take the deal and go to Canada, what are your prospects? How do they compare to Canada?

    Why would you be losing your boyfriend if you took the golden ticket? At one point in the post you wrote that he would be going with you and that upset his parents. Is he unwilling to go to Canada with you? Does he think he has to have his parents' approval for everything he does? Is he still a minor?

    These are questions you don't need to give me the answers to; but I think you will find it helpful if you answer them for yourself. Try writing down the answers. I think that will help you be clear.

    The big question is what you can expect if you don't go to Canada on this golden ticket.

    I'd hate to see you give up your golden ticket for Kadin if three or four years from now that relationship will be over. You and he need to have a serious talk about how important this is for you and whether your relationship is strong enough for him to go with you. And if it isn't that strong, is it strong enough to last if you stay there with him?

    Good luck, and may God guide you as you make your decision. Ask him to show you what is best, to help you understand.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    We need to talk in the morning...
    I'll be on about 8 my time...
    If you aren't on...I know where you
    live and I will knock down your
    door and drag your ass out of bed
    or away from the pool and make you

    I loves ya so much Baby Boy...

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!


  5. I hope you can save your connection, sometimes we have to make decisions and I’m sure he will see you are his choice. Best wishes.

  6. Its difficult to give you any good advice without knowing all the details ... but it seems to me that Kadin's parent might feel a bit like you are taking him away from them.

    Either way, just take some deep breaths, take some time, think about love and the others will eventually come around. You can only be in charge of you and your feelings and they are responsible for theirs.


  7. jimm Says:

    If your intuition was to not trust these ppl you met over your mysterious venture, than it is prolly best to reject it. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true."

    I'd find out what Kadin wants. Is he ready to leave Tampa? How difficult was it for you to leave Atlanta?

    There is something else I'm curious about, but I'll have to send an email.

  8. Keta Diablo Says:

    One can not serve two masters. Love or friendship? Love or family? Eventually one must choose if backed up against a wall.

    Now, the question is . . how could they NOT like you?

    Give Kadin some time; he'll climb his way out (and back).

    Best, Keta

  9. Polt Says:

    Take some deep breaths, allow Kadin to do the same. You'll work something out, punkin, you always do.


  10. Brad Says:

    Ryan, just follow your heart.

  11. gomad.ch Says:

    It's very difficult to give advice. I think all of us have a similar list of questions like naturgesetz. You and Kadin will have to find out where your priorities are.

  12. elise Says:

    Some good advice above from your wise blogfriends....my 2 cents' worth is to never make important decisions when you are upset or angry. I know you know that, but it's so important I wanted to remind you!

    And...I agree that you should contact Kadin and straighten things out. Now.

    It really sucks about his parents--they are obviously nuts if they don't like you! But Samad is right--if it comes down to it, Kadin will have to make a choice.

    Good luck, sweetie--I hope you are seeking advice from your parents and others whom you totally trust.

    I'm excited to hear what this Canada deal is, if you go through with it!

    Big hugs.....