Old Westerns

I like most nascar fans waited on the rain to pass to watch the rain but it wasn't meant to be today so tomorrow the race will be on so I thought what to do? Finally I thought Dad got a lot of old western movies and I never really watched them before so I pop one in and I was hooked. I never in my life thought I would love old western movies but I am a fan now. If you haven't seen any take the time rent one I bet you like it too! That's it for now!
Later from Florida!
5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    No comments huh?

    I used to watch westerns...I don't
    know why I don't anymore...Maybe I
    should start again...



  2. Martin Says:

    My oldest brother was a huge fan of "Cowboy movies", as he called them. Would sit watching for hours on end.
    One time, he got so caught up in the story, when a posse was chasing a gang of criminals, and they rode around a large rock, he actually leaned over in his chair to see where they went! My Mom & I got a big laugh out of seeing that.

  3. ryan field Says:

    You're too funny. I'm actually a fan of a lot of these old films.

  4. jimm Says:

    I highly recommend 'Once Upon a Time in the West' starring Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda and Jason Robards. And the eerie music is awesome!!!

  5. Eirik Says:

    Too funny! I should hook you up with my Dad - he LOVES those kind of things. For me, I think the best western ever is Tombstone: "I'll be your huckleberry." Loved that movie!