How Do You Like Me Now?

It's been a while sent I did a post like this but sometimes it just has to be done. So today is my rant post and I'm just gonna let the rant's flow makes me feel better. If you have any on your chest feel free to let them flow also I promise you will feel better.

1. Yo Michigan driver that cut me & Kadin off this morning you should be happy Kadin was driving for I would have taking my BIG SUV and drove it straight up your ass! Yeah the one with bigger toys wins!

2. Richard Petty I know you don't own the majority of RPM but you still have a say I don't understand why you didn't open your mouth. I always liked you but I lost respect for you picking AJ or Elliott over Reed and not only that jumping to ford. Shame on you RPM remember karma is a bitch and when your only star Kasey Kahne jumps to the 24 car after next season what will you have then a bunch of losers for drivers. RPM YOU SUCK!!!

3. The gay guy at Bells department store I understand pride and being who you are trust me I do. Equal rights, pride marches and all that I am all for but you take the cake on being way too gay ok! If you feel between your legs your still a boy and you still have balls why don't you use them for something besides rubbing. If you ever address me as girl again I will slapped the shit out of you period ok I have a cock and balls and proud of them. So start acting like you do or I'll make you a girl cut cut slice right off!

4. Normally I don't say anything to people about there looks it rude and it's not me I was pick on when I was a kid so I know how it hurt feelings and self esteem. But for the fat kid at KFC that told me and Kadin that we make him sick with are little skinny bodies let me tell you this maybe if you would only get a 2 piece instead of the whole bucket maybe you could be skinny too! Hello fat ass out the drum stick down and take a walk.

5. For my dip shit friend that is love with a guy that's just using him but he's to blind to see it when you had enough of being used just remember I told you so. Normally I would support you no matter what but when you told me to fuck off mind my own business well that's just what I will do but just remember fair play and all I have to say is I told you so. He won't leave his boyfriend for you he's has done this in the past to other people as long as you put out he will be there but when you give him a choice between you and his boyfriend you will lose how do I know this his record for one and you don't have what his boyfriend has. What is that you ask it's called money see he's what we call a gold digger.

6. Lady at Dunkin Donuts piece of advice a little make up goes a long way k. The 80's are over time to come to the future were nice here we got cookies and shit!!!

I ask How Do You Like Me Now?
15 Responses
  1. elise Says:

    I love when you get on a good rant!!! Seriously!

    peace and hugs.....

  2. Carl Says:

    This is one of your best posts. I really liked it.

  3. Eirik Says:

    Feel Better? Loved the post and hope your days get better. Miss ya!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Way to be intolerant and give gay bashers justification. By bashing fellow gay guys you give bashers justification to bash you. Because maybe they find you overly gay and because of that, they feel like you need to be castrated the way you wanted to castrate him. Maybe a little tolerance would go a long way...

  5. Ryan Says:

    anonymous thanks for your input but before you get all pissy at me understand this is a rant period nothing more i didn't act or hit anyone.

    2nd off i have a problem with gay guys calling each other girl or bitch anything that a girly. I personally think that is one reason we don't have equal rights. ya know what i will just do a post on this thanks so stay tune for that and give me your 2 cents then k!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Will do, I'll keep an eye out for it.

    I think my main problem is that I used to be the same way. But then I met a number of guys like that and realized that that's the way they are. And me hating them for who they are is no better than ignorant people hating gays for just being gay.

    Plus, I equate it with hating girls who are tomboys. No one hates them because they're not more girly. So why should some guys be hated just for being a lil girly.

  7. I"m not happy about RPM either and the rest.... we are definitely kin under the skin because you rant JUST like I do! I love it!

  8. ryan field Says:

    I like you even better now.

    Great post; honest rants.

    Come over and beat up my troll now :)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I'm so sorry if my makeup offened
    you LOL!!!! Just kiddin...You know
    I don't wear a lot of makeup...

    Glad all is well there...I'm on
    new medications so my mood is so
    mellow Josh doesn't know what to
    do...I haven't yelled in a week
    now...NOR have I gotten pissed off
    at other drivers! I KNOW!!! SO not

    Loves ya and hope to talk to you
    some time...I miss you :(



  10. Mr. Urs Says:

    Thanks, that made my day :)

  11. jimm Says:

    Sometimes we jus hafta blow smoke!!!

  12. Best. Post. Ever. ;)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I used to work at a place that had a large entrance door then we had to go through a narrow door into the work area. As I got to the narrow door another guy got there at the same time. He backed off and said to me, "ladies first". I was very embarrassed and turned red. The people behind me laughed a nervous laugh and I could never look him in the eye again. He made me feel small. ed

  14. I’ve read it but I’ve forgotten to say, how much I like this, I’m sorry, I have no clue what you write about, but nevertheless I like it, seems because it sounds like a certain old Ryan I like pretty much.

  15. Angel Says:

    and here comes the "poopage", copyright by my little lady. Umm I can see why some people may see this as negative but some people just dont know your train of thought. I found it funny when the fat guy was saying he is sick of seeing skinny guys. Truthfully I would have told him to shut the fuck up but thats just me. You have a right to be mad. A fat guy at kfc talking down to you is abit priceless dont you think?

    I mean its KFC of all places. You have a very valid point on your comments and I applaude you. I think the only thing you said that was abit harsh was the dunkun donuts lady but atleast I caught where you were coming from. Alittle makeup does go along way, especially if it helps.

    Another thing I want to point out is that you seem to not like effeminate guys. Its understandable, I had a problem with it myself along time ago. But they are just people, its the way things are. If someone respects you enough to call you a man then I see no problem. From my experience, young gay guys are neive and dont understand what they are saying.

    But its just how the world is. I am glad you can rant like this ryan. You show another side of yourself that I have always liked. Because your real and you dont sugarcoat it. And thats what I love about ya.

    Love, peace, and many x's n o's,