Breast Cancer Month

Get checked I know you ladies don't like it Mom has told me all about it just do it! If you can give a little click on the pic to donate even if it's a small amount it all adds up and helps!

I'll have a post soon to answer something that was came up in the comments yesterday.

4 Responses
  1. ryan field Says:

    I sponser a friend who is doing a walk nearby. It's a good cause.

  2. Eirik Says:

    Thanks Ryan - Great post!! You beat me to it!

    You know, it isn't as common, but guys can get Breast Cancer too. Also, as a cancer survivor myself, (brain), any and all research is needed. By donating to Breast Cancer Research, it is helping us all.

    Again thanks

  3. Angel Says:

    Its an awesome cause and thanks for posting it.

    Thanks for your support on breast cancer ryan.

    Love, peace, and many x's n o's,

  4. Yep! My Mamma is a two-time survivor! I get checked every year.
    Richard Roundtree who played Shaft is a breast cancer survivor so yes, men can get it too.