The Look

I love it when I get that look form Kadin you the look you get when your lover wants something and you say no. Ya know the look I'm talking about right? Well this is the look that I just love can you guess what he wanted and I said no but end up giving in? Well tonight is Big Brothers final so I'm off to watch I am pulling for Kevin or Jordan to win I want Jordan but if Kevin gets it all be ok first gay guy to win Big brother. Oh it's been a while since I did this So I am opening up again to questions ask any 1 question and I'll answer in a post sometime later. You can ask here or email if you don't want others knowing what you ask and I'll keep your name private ask anything and if it's to personal I'll let you know.Later!

Please go over to One Love Blog check out my post its very important. So much going on in the news that's pissing me off this is one thing I'll have a post soon on the other but please go over and check this out. One Love Blog
8 Responses
  1. What’s the first thing you usually think when you get up in the morning?

  2. jimm Says:

    Ah, so Kadin wants a puppy? That or a puppy kiss? I know that look.

    Question: Besides your parents, who were your role models while growing up, and why?

  3. A Lewis Says:

    Oh boy, I know that look fact, I GIVE that look very well. And, as for those lips.....hum.....

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, Kadin...

    If the folk that run the Olympic Games can include 'Synchronised Swimming’ and ‘Beach Volleyball’ as sports, it will only be a matter of time, right?, before they have a ‘Best Pout’ category somewhere.

    And when they do, the good ol' You Ess Of Eh has a sure fire medallist in you!

    Is there an 'After My Tactic Worked' shot, too?

    Prop from New Zealand (declining to set up another identity as Google want me to do)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Awwwww....Way to cute :)

    Glad y'all are doing good...



  6. Hahaha I love "the look" how adorable is he?!!!! *smooches*

  7. Angel Says:

    i hope this isn't to personal but how old were you when you had your first sexual encounter?

    reason i ask is i'm 19 and beginning to wonder if it will ever happen to me.

  8. ryan field Says:

    Now that's a cute "look." (He's adorable)

    I was hoping Kevin would win too. I like Jordan and I'm glad she won. I was not a fan of Natalie. will happen. I was twenty before I let any guy even think about putting his hands on me. And don't do it unless you really want to do it and you really like the guy. Don't just do it because you think you should be doing it.