Questions Answered / Bullying on the Bus

Martin ask:
What’s the first thing you usually think when you get up in the morning? Well first thing I think of is thanking God for giving me one more day.

Jimm ask:
Besides your parents, who were your role models while growing up, and why? I didn't have many honest but one that I looked up to and still do is my Uncle on my Mom's side. He is also gay like me disowned by our family but it didn't stop him from being happy and making something good out of his life. My Mom never turn her back on him and he would visit us at holidays and I remember thinking I want to be like him when I grow up. Maybe that's why I moved here to Florida to be close to him he lives a few houses from me I can't never see my life without him in it. I hope he knows how proud of him I am.

Angel ask:
How old were you when you had your first sexual encounter? Well I was rather young I don't want to get anyone in trouble not sure anything can be done about it now or not but I was 8 and he 13. Now before anyone jumps and starts blaming I wanted it. I knew back then I was gay and had feelings and I was in love with him as much as an 8 year old could be. He didn't force anything I want to make that clear I wanted to do it as much as he did. We did it on and off for a few years after the first time until his dad found out and freak out and sent him away he was never the same after that.

Carl ask:
Are you happy? For the first time in a long time I have to say yes I am very happy. I went through some dark times within the past year did some dumb stuff that was my own doing. But I finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel and came through it just fine. Yes I am happy very happy to have Kadin back and were working on making things better. I am happy that Mikey found someone that's making him happy. I am really just filled with a lot of joy right now even though some friends of mine are going through some tuff shit I know all I can do is be there for them. But yes Carl I am happy and happy with the way my life is going!

Andy asks:
What is your fascination with nudist & being nude & flaunting your package for the world to see?
Well I say if you got it flaunt it haha just kidding. I think most of you that read my blog know I have never lied about my size when ask but I don't think I flaunted it either have I? On nudity let's see I grew up around it not that we were nude all the time but we went to nude outings and was around other nude people so being nude seem natural to me. I think being raised where we wasn't ashamed of our bodies has made me a better person and having an open door with my parents made it easy to talk with them hell I'm 22 and my parents still see me naked. Yeah me and Kadin are nude a lot at our house and we have nude parties and stuff like that but if someone comes over and don't take there clothes off that's ok too.

Well that's some of the questions I have some I answer to the people personally they wanted it that way. I do have a few more I'll put up next week. Also I'll be talking about what happen to the kid on the school bus I'm sure ya'll seen the video I am rather pissed about it but I know if I talk about right now I will say something's that might piss some people off I also had the same thing done to me when I was in school but was much younger and why my parents pull me out of public school system. All I know is I am pissed over it and think many things could have been done first the bus driver needs to be fired period no excuse stop the bus in the middle of the damn rode and break it up the bus driver has no excuse. OMG I need to stop I don't have time to get into this right now and it's just making me madder. Oh writing this post I just found out the bus driver was fired I say good! Also when you read this link make sure you keep an open mind I am trying but I am finding it very hard to believe it was over a fucking seat!!!!

Bullying on Bus Link

6 Responses
  1. ryan field Says:

    I really like these kinds of posts, where the blogger answers some personal questions.

    Your uncle sounds great.

    And, I do know a lot of guys who started having sex very early. I didn't. But the ones I know who did have sex early don't have any regrets. Everyone is different and everyone has a different experience.

    You know I'm glad you're happy :)

    As far as nudity goes, I like being nude, too. I like nude beaches because it feels so good. After a half hour on a nude beach, you don't even realize you're nude anymore.

    I was pissed about the school bus thing too. I hate any kind of bullying. I saw it on the news last night.

  2. I am so glad you had your uncle as a positive role model and that your Mom supported him! Love that!

    Do you remember I wrote a post a year or two ago about beating up a boy on a bus that would harass another boy (that i'm pretty sure was gay). Well you KNOW how I feel about bullying on the bus.

  3. Angel Says:

    wow you were 8 when you had sex but you said you knew you wanted to so i guess its ok. thanks for answering.

    yes i saw that video on the news and it is a shame. the white kid wasn't doing anything at all and then to be attacked like that. then to say race wasn't a issue is stupid of the police. it looks like 95% of the bus is black and cheering the attack.

  4. jimm Says:

    Perhaps you should reverse roles and ask the individual readers questions?

    I look forward to your bullying post.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I was gonna ask a question...But
    I decided not to...

    Everybody knows how I feel about
    bullying others...When I see it
    I stop it...

    I think it's time for the parents
    of this child to scream RACISIM!
    Scream and holler that the only
    reason the child was attacked is
    because he's white...



  6. Angel Says:

    thanks for sharing ryan! ^_^. Im surprised you got so many questions!

    Later cutie,