Clothing Optional

Ya'll know from reading my blog for years that I am pretty much an open book hell many of you have seen me totally naked so I normally hold nothing back. Today won't be any different I got a couple emails from the post below. They were upset that I started posting pics that offend. I'm not sure what was offending about it but I must make a stand here and let them know that I am a nudist raised a nudist and think there is nothing more beautiful than a nude body. Now saying that there is a difference in a nude body that's natural than a nude body that's nude for sexy photos hope that makes since. I guess what I am trying to say that if the body is not trying to make porn than it's natural.I also understand that I have readers that might not be as open about nudity as I am and I try not to show private parts on this blog. I also understand there might be teens that read and for that reason I don't show full nudity but saying that I don't think it's wrong if you were raised around it. Now I don't try to throw my nudism around just like I don't like someone throwing there style on me. I have people over to my house that don't like being naked so when they come over we wear clothes or swimming trunks if were doing the pool. Guess what I'm getting at is I love emails and comments froem everyone as long as there not hateful I don't feel these emails were hateful in anyway just didn't like the tone of them I guess by trying to make me feel bad over nudity.Guess that's it for today think I'll take my naked ass out into the kitchen and get another cup of coffee hey no peeking in my windows haha just kidding what window you looking in ill turn around so you get a better shot hehe!

11 Responses
  1. A Lewis Says:

    Oh please. Children. That's what I say. You've done nothing wrong and shown nothing that's inappropriate. I swear......

  2. Mr. Urs Says:

    I was not offended, I was more like delighted.

  3. Aaron Says:

    As you have said in-numerous times over the years ... If y'all don't like it, don't read (look at) it. If seein' naked people offends you, y'all got a bigger problem that requires a visit to a shrink. What's worse is you makin' a big deal of seein'boy butt. Are you that ashamed of your body that you attack other for showing theirs? If you would talk all that energy and focus it on trying to get the US out of nonsense wars and saving starving families the world would be a much better place.

  4. Sorry, I have no understanding for such readers, how could someone be so inhibited, I wouldn’t dare to make a picture from myself like this, not because of moral reasons, but because I want to prevent people getting blind. Don’t worry, one of the reasons I like you is your free mind.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The biggest thing I'd miss about wearing clothes...pockets. I do have the body of a God...Buddha. In the garden of eden God came looking for his human beings that he had made and found them hiding in the bushes. Adam said, "We are hiding because we are naked." God said to them that they disobeyed him and ate from the tree he forbid them to eat from or else they would not have minded being naked. So ends today's sermon. thanks, ed.

  6. elise Says:

    Just my opinion here, but I have always found your photos to be totally tasteful and quite lovely.

    And I've always admired your free spirit and comfort with nudity. It's one of the many special things about you!

  7. jimm Says:

    Ryan, your photos keep the chill at bay on those cold blustery winter nights!

  8. naturgesetz Says:

    You make a lot of sense to me. I was not raised in a family that tolerated nudity. I was about 60 when I discovered how comfortable it can be when the air is not too cool and dry. I don't dare be naked around my brothers or other family or friends. I'm afraid it would freak them out. But I really would like it if the people I know were as relaxed about it as you and a lot of your friends.

  9. ryan field Says:

    It's your blog and you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

  10. Matt Says:

    I can't believe people are complaining about your blog...

    You haven't posted anything that I would consider to be inappropriate at all, and the whole point of having a blog is to be able to express your personal opinions on things, and not have to be concerned about censorship..

    If they don't like your blog they shouldn't read it, nothing makes them click on it.

    I'm always amazed myself when I mention naturism, naked beaches, or speedos to some people, you would think that it's the end of the world...I'd never make anyone do anything they didn't want to, but I don't see anything wrong with trying to open someone's eyes to something new and have them think out of the box, as normally what I discover is that they have the whole wrong impression of naturism and don't understand that it is possible to separate sex and nudity....I just always am careful to screen for this before taking someone new to the beach as I don't want the wrong type of people there that would affect the experience for everyone.

  11. Bdub Says:

    I started going to the nude beach in San Diego when I turned 18 and love every minute of it. I love the way the sun hits all the spots of my body that don't usually get to see the light of day. Not to mention that listening to waves crash on a beach is the most calming sound. Unfortunately I'm going to school in the Northwest now and we had a quick summer.

    Being naked ROCKS!