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I got an email last week and I told the person check for a post this week with there answer to there question. He wanted to know what I was watching this fall he reminded last year I did a post on what I watched on TV. So I thought what a good idea for a post and I could see what ya'll is watching and if were watching the same stuff. Now before I get to my list let me say I am still pissed of at fox for not bringing back Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles it was my favorite show and they just leave it hanging like they did shame on you fox tv!

Though I am looking forward to V that starts on Tuesday looks like it might be good it's on ABC seems like ABC is the station of choice this year. So here are some of the shows we watch now we don't get to watch all of these but we do set up are DVR and record them and when we have a day with nothing we catch up. Now there are a few shows we watch no matter what can you guess what they are the top 3 if you will. There are shows we watch that not on the top 4 networks so I only listed what was on there.Click on the pics of V it will take you to ABC website and you can check out the plot.

4.Lie to Me
5.Ugly Betty
6.Ghost Whisperer
7.Brothers & Sisters
8.Desperate Housewives

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  1. Not a big TV watcher here but I DO watch Desperate Housewives. I've been pretty happy with the season so far.

  2. jimm Says:

    Fringe is number one with me! The rest of my tv time is sports, and Discovery or History channel. And im back to reading books again, Finding Fish (Antwone Fisher).

  3. Martin Says:

    Two new shows this season I like are "Flash Forward" & "Glee". But Fringe and The Simpsons (of course) are still tops for me.

  4. Well, first let me say I LOVE your New Template and I'm thrilled you now have Black printing on White!! Good for these old eyes, my dear Ryam...

    The only show I watch that you watch is BROTHERS AND SISTERS and I only watch it because of Ron R. In truth...I'm really sick of this family...lol! It is such a Nightime Soap Opera...I want to shake all of them and tell them to go take a flying leap...! LOL!
    I know HOUSE is a good show but I just never got hooked on it.....I should try to watch GLEE cause I hear it is good...I never remember when it is on!

    MAD MEN is the show I watch faithfully! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! It is a suoerb show--Head & Shoulders above the rest, on every level. This new show, THE GOOD WIFE is one I have watched a few times..It is very well written and has a certain amount of suspeneful tension. Julianna Marguiles is very very good, as is Everyone!

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN my dear. I hope you spoke to your Mom....!

  5. Jen Says:

    FOX has a nasty habit of canceling good shows and this is not the first time they did it to Summer Glau.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Lie To Me and Ghost Whisperer...
    (Even though Ghost Whisper jumped
    the shark)
    I also watch GHOST HUNTERS,hockey
    games, well heck...I really can't
    remember...OMG! I'M GETTING OLD!!!
    Shush Boy...I will have Kadin
    spank you for that remark...



  7. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things: