Rant This

Ok these seem to be happen more and more often they make me feel better so just deal! Ya'll know me me and know I don't hold age, weight, skin color or anything against anybody. Just sometimes people just piss you off so bad you just have to rant.

To the stupid kid with the bad haircut taking my order at Taco Bell what part of NO SOUR CREAM on my burrito don't you understand?

To the bleach blonde backside of 40 never have a chance to get with me gay guy what part of I HAVE A BOYFRIEND don't you understand? And if I didn't like you would have a chance!

To the old black lady with summer teeth ya know sum are here sum are there at work that don't like my potty mouth let me say fuck you, shithead, motherfucker, asshole, cocksucker, pussy lips yeah take that back to the supervisor. Oh and next time you call someone white trash make sure they don't have a pair of diesel jeans that costs more that your whole damn wardrobe!!!!

To my new next door neighbor that told Kadin that we needed to cut are grass not a good move pissing off the neighbors that have real cool parties. Yeah and another thing if our grass is bothering you feel free to cut it dickwad!

To balloon boy and your alien abducted father and loon mother enough already we have seen enough of you people to last us forever ok your 15 minutes is up 40 hours ago.

One last thing Levi Johnston your 15 minutes were up also but if you do full frontal nudity in your playgirl shoot like you manager said he was 90% sure you was gonna we will give 15 more minutes and another 15 if you look really hot showing your johnson we will need the extra 15 to run one off too ya! Just sayin!!!

Ok now if you will excuse me I think I need a vacation maybe to Grinder's Switch!

15 Responses
  1. Carl Says:

    I always enjoy these posts.

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Temper, temper!

    There may be a place for a potty mouth (although my dad never used the F word or the S word or any of the other words you mention, and he managed to express his feelings clearly), but it's never really necessary, and there are places, like a business office, where it is definitely out of place. Grow up. (Sorry if you don't like it, but that's my opinion.)

    I agree with you about the others.

    A visit with Minnie Pearl's people in Grinder's Switch could be loads of fun.

  3. Ha ha I totally love these posts too! You know I can go off and i'm equal opportunity also! Love ya baby bro!

  4. Ryan Says:

    fyi naturgesetz the words i mention in this posts wasn't the words i used well other than ass and act your fucking age. i agree there is a time and place for words like that. but when other black people are using it and this summer teeth old black bitch singles me out and for the record i think cause i was white (yeah i am using the race card deal with it) like i said cause i was the only white boy she goes and reports me to a supervisor well i say fuck her and the supervisor and anyone else that don't like my potty mouth. 2 things don't stand close to me if u don't want to hear my redneck white trash mouth and don't and i mean don't single me out back me up in a corner and i will use my terminator to kick the shit out of u!

    Carl & Sis love u both!

  5. A Lewis Says:

    Hold on here handsome....
    You say "the backside of 40" like it's a bad thing. Umm....I'll only take it a little bit personally...... and, besides that, you KNOW you want it....you KNOW you do!

  6. Ryan Says:

    Lewis u know i love u and no only this bleach blonde thing is on the backside of 40. u my honey had me screaming your name yes i want it again and again!

  7. naturgesetz Says:

    Thanks for the additional info. Obviously, if she doesn't mind the words when other people use them, then she has no business complaining when you do.

    (But I do think it's unfortunate that lots of people nowadays, not just you by any means, seem to think that it's perfectly okay to use language like that in public and in business settings.)

    I still love you, though.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    my virgin eyes melted with that
    potty talk...LOL!!!
    Since I've been on these new meds
    I haven't gotten that way...It's
    weird...I don't cuss when people
    are stupid...I haven't even offered
    to show anybody how to use a gas
    pedal...I'm just going with the
    Josh loves it...

    Glad you're doing good and getting
    things off your chest...



  9. Ryan i hear tampons are on sale. What's ur problem dude?

    See I do leave comments in other peoples blogs.

  10. jimm Says:

    ah well, this is a harmless way to vent. it sure beats gettin all depressed, huh?

    I was wondering, if Sarah sat on Levi's pole, could she see Russia from there???

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Levi Johnston is a hotty. I hope he does know that if he poses nude his picture will be posted on the wall of every gay boy in the world.
    Tell the neighbor that your grass is ornamental and gets 4 feet high and if they don't like it they can lump it. ed

  12. wow... im surprised I missed all of this. sry ive been away so long, go ryan! show those mofo's up just... dont loose your job plez ^_^. I wuv's you n I hope to talk to you soon. Shit... I havent even posted in a hulluva long time. Anywho im going to go now. Ive got to get some rest lol.

    Love n peace,
    ÅŽG€£ ©.

  13. ryan field Says:

    Why am I always late to the good posts?

    I'm glad you mentioned Mr. Levi. I think most people agree with you.

  14. Dr. Panhandle Bob Says:

    I vote for the vacation. You know, the train to Grinder's Switch is running right on time ;)

    Don't worry, Ryan, at least some of us get your humor.

  15. Martin Says:

    Another great rant, as usual, Ryan !

    The college students at the University I work out use so many curse words as just a normal part of their speech, that I don't even notice it anymore.