You Aint Just Whistlin` Dixie

I've got a couple emails asking me how my knee was doing so I thought I would make a post about things. First off my knee is doing much better I still call it my terminator new with it being new made with metals and plastics can't beat it. I still have some pain now and then but I think I always will but all in all it's doing good. I also got an email on how it happen most of you know but for those that don't let's say I was stupid and let my anger get the best of me and went out drinking thinking I was superman and nothing could happen to me I got in a car wreck thank god the only person I hurt was myself many times it don't happen that way normally the drunk driver isn't hurt at all he ends hurting somebody. The thing is I own up to my bad judgement call I paid my fines I even did my time but more than anything I paid with hurting myself and my family when I woke up and the fear look on there faces hurt me more than anything more than losing a knee. Saying that I changed the way I do things I still have a drink now and then I see nothing wrong with it but I learn if I drink I take a cap or call a friend I will never get behind a wheel again while I'm drinking.Wow I can't believe I got all that out didn't bother me at all like it use too. Last week we had a small taste of fall here in Florida but this week been hot so far and looks like no fall temps in site. I guess it's a good thing in some ways for us the nudity thing and laying by the pool. I am a little sick of the ac though ready to open the windows and have fresh air day & night. Ok here is a question for ya do you ever take a bath with your partner? We have a hot tub so were in that at night time a lot but ever now and then we will take a glass of wine and take a bubble batch together it's just so relaxing and sexy at the same time. Guess that's all for now folks remember questions are always welcome leave them here in a comment or email to me. I'll have a special post tomorrow early so check that out. He got such a nice ass! heheLater Ya'll

Sis Patti this one is for you! I know you will understand it!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You're way to skinny Baby Boy...
    You need to eat more...I'll give
    you what I'm loosing how's that :)

    Nice tushy...PINCH! PINCH!!



  2. THat looks like quite an inhury, my dear!
    So glad you came by and "spoke"! And I thank you, dear Ryan.

    That is probably the wisest decision you will ever make, my dear, about Drinking and Driving....So I say Bravo to you!

    Waaaaay 'back in the day', I would indeed take baths with my significant other...We didn't have a Hot Tub, so it was a little, that was actually great!

  3. Chicka Says:

    It's good to see you feeling better and able to talk about things, Ryan. You're growing up, hon. *sniffle* It warms my heart.

    Um, and the pic warms other regions. ;D

  4. jimm Says:

    Ryan, when you talk about the metal and plastic, is that the brace or do you have an artificial knee?

    Dont have me a pardner, so its jus a lonely shower for me. Spending too much time alone.

    btw,I wanted a good looky, but clicking on the pics only leads back to ur blog.

  5. Ryan Says:

    no jimm its a replacement knee they tried to keep my knee just wasnt going to heal right they said i would be better off with a replacement. thats where the terminator knee comes in haha.

  6. Somehow I missed this but I will look again at home, I can't see the last pic!