Family Tradition

I love fall but living in Florida we don't get the change here the fall colors and all. I remember going up Mom always put fall things up and I just loved it. Being an old fashion type of guy I want to keep the tradition so the past week I went out and got some fall things to fix the house but I just couldn't find the right table piece so Mom sent me what I was looking for. I think some tradition are lost over time but I try to keep some of them going that I was raised on. I personally think if people would keep up with tradition we might have a better world to live ust my thoughts. How about ya'll do you keep tradition going do you but up fall things like hay and pumpkins? Thanks Mom Love You!

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  1. ryan field Says:

    I love the photo.

    Around here fall is a huge time. It's a tourist town for New Yorkers and Phildelphians, so everyone does some kind of fall decorating. There are hayrides, ghost trains, and scare crow competitions. And everyone does some kind of decorating. There's even a Halloween high heel race in town, and the proceeds all go to charity.

    I usually get carried away with mums and pumpkins. And this year I found two great trees that are cones covered with orange feathers.

  2. Decorations make me so happyyyy!!!!

  3. You know something. I have never carved a pumpkin for Halloween. I love Halloween. Its such a fun and exciting holiday. My parents don't really celebrate Halloween the way I would love to but unfortunately, that's what you get when you live in a house of anti gay Catholics.

    Gotta love family

    I am happy you are enjoying a tradition I have never really seen. Ive never even carved a pumpkin before hehe. Maybe once I go to college I can have my own fun. Why not, right?

    Love n Peace my friend,

  4. elise Says:

    I love traditions, and decorating, and Fall stuff! Here in the Chicago suburbs, outside Halloween decorations have gotten to be a very big deal, with wonderful creativity!

    Some folks set up very elaborate lawn displays, with fake cemetaries, ghosts and all sorts of creepy stuff. It's a lot of fun!

    I don't have a yard, but I love doing Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving table displays and other decorations around the house. And carving pumpkins!

    The colors of autumn leaves are so magnificent!!

  5. My mom has a tradition of getting one of those plastic Halloween door panels. I love it. It makes me think of home. :)

  6. “If people would keep up with tradition we might have a better world to live”, I was a bit surprised to read this, forgive me please, really, but yes that’s my firm conviction, traditions can be wrong, but originally they are an act of respect, remembering and sense of togetherness and they have a strong power to enriching one’s life, sorry I’m too tired to be original, so have a Good night dear Ryan.

  7. You gave me an inspiration to make my own try with celebrating autumn.

  8. Mr. Urs Says:

    We finally put up our decoration.