Brother Blogging

Ok last night on facebook I wrote on there that my baby brother wants to blog and I said I tired to talk him out of it. Well get up this morning with emails and comments asking me why would I feel this way why don't I want him to blog Was I jealous he might get more comments or his blog my big more popular than mine? Let me answer these question then I think ya'll might understand why I said this. First off I would never be jealous of my brother never I want him to be better then me on everything unlike many siblings I Love my Brother and I want him to be the best at everything. So if he gets more comments or his blog is more popular than mine then good he's doing something right. I just want to make sure that it's that way for the right reason and not cause he's 16. Many of you have been with me from the beginning of my blog life 7 years of blogging I have done many of you seen me grow up from a spoil brat to a spoil man.Sayin that most of you from the beginning also know how many comments and readers I had when I started this at 15 I ask where are all them people now well let me tell you I hit 18 that's what happen. My true readers are still here and have never cared about age they have been here from day one and will be here until its over. That's what I want for him not just some hangers hoping he post a sexy pic or something the perverts that troll around the net looking for young guys or girls. Yeah I worry about that most of you know in the beginning I had them and hung onto there every word just cause they show me a little attention. I know my brother is smarter than I was and is in a different frame of mind than I was at his age and besides he has something that I didn't have and that's me a big brother. So yeah he wants to blog so who am I to stop him when he starts his blog up I will let ya'll know so you can support him like you do me if you want besides way I look at it with ya'll my loyal peeps if I can't be on all the time watching him them with ya'll I have more eyes watching out for him right?

Much Love!
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  1. Tim Says:

    I think it's a good point that sometimes you might not be ready for the creepies that the internet houses and sometimes you should wait a little before starting something that shares so much of your life with the net. get on facebook, do twitter, than if your comfortable go with the blogging

  2. Carl Says:

    I also think your Dad will be watching closely because of your history of blogging. I think he will give up because he is being watched so much. LOL :-)

  3. Mr. Urs Says:

    I first have to get used to the new wise, older and responsible brother Ryan.

  4. ryan field Says:

    I'm glad you're watching out for him. You can't assume anything when it comes to the Internet and blogging. There was a nice blogger from Canada I used to follow and the trolls literally forced him to shut down his blog.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Way to go big brother (and not BB in the George Orwell sense)! I'm glad to see that you're concerned, Ryan, good work. I'm new to your blog and enjoy it - but I'm also glad that you are keeping an eye out for your lil bro. You say you've grown from a spoiled brat to a spoiled man... well, if that's the case, I think you're a GOOD spoiled man, more power to ya - and I hope you heal up quickly.
    AZ Denny

  6. Must be difficult to recognize a big part of attention was for wrong reasons in those times. But of course that means these people were wrong not you. For me it’s just the opposite I feel weird showing interest if a blogger is too young even when his blog looks interesting. But to the former issue again, it’s like it is always in life, only important is what remains through the years.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I'm so proud of you :)

    I worry about you all the time...
    Now I will have to worry about your
    brother as well...I don't mind...
    I'm a mom...You are loved by me no
    matter what your age is :)
    I will stick by you forever!