I'm Alright

Thanks for the emails and comments while I was laid up for a couple days. Thanks Kadin for keepin everyone updated Love You Babe! What a surprise when he ask me if he could do another post who knows maybe I can talk him into joining me on here or even start his own. The surgery went well and the pain was manageable. It's feel much better and I was up and walking around on Sunday. Today I am up and at it so I think It will be ok maybe the alignment is what I needed maybe in a few days I won't have any pain at all and soon maybe no leg brace. I was surprise when I woke up from the surgery that my parents were there and when I came home the rest of the family was there I was so happy to see them.It looks like Thanksgiving is going to be at my house my parents said they were coming down here. My Grandparents are coming over from England and they want to come to Florida. I am excited about this first time I get to host a family dinner. I also had a long talk with Dad while he was here about the job he told me he thought it was best that I quit it. He had some great advice and thoughts about the job and even though he want's me to work he don't want me working there thanks Jimm your email helped also. I can't wait a few more weeks and my family will be back again my Brother is growing up so fast I feel like I'm missing so much of his life.Again Thanks Ya'll
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  1. Good news indeed. I wish you good luck with hosting such a big family dinner.

  2. A Lewis Says:

    Wishing you great days ahead as you heal. xoxoxo

  3. ryan field Says:

    Glad you're doing well and feeling better :)

  4. I'm behind but catching up! I'm so happy for you to be hosting your family! We are too!

  5. Jen Says:

    Good luck hosting your family and hope that knee feels better.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  6. sillyboi Says:

    Ryan: When you star feeling better I need to speak to you.. Nothing bad or anything but the main thing is for you to recover from the surgery and start feeling better.
    Great News on you hosting your family and everything thats great to hear.
    Thanks Kadin for keeping all of us readers informed on Ryan and the great Posts. Time permitting would like to read some of what you have to say about things. That post about the Lobsters was great. It is very informative on it and I dont like lobster myself but my family would support not eating it anyway.

    Ryan's Family. Take care of our special angel. I know you all will. He is special to all of us. In some way or another but he is a special friend.

    Ryan I love you and I am glad to call you my friend. It has been years since we first started talking and yet it seems like it was just yesterday. Keep intouch and I will call you sometime.. Love you my friend.

  7. jimm Says:

    You and your family have a lot of heart, Ryan. Kadin as well!

    Peace, bro.

  8. hey ryan! Yay your getting better *woot woot* hehe. I am glad your up and on your feet. It sounds like the surgery was a success. Just don't push yourself beautiful, you still need time to heal. I know you hate not moving around like crazy but I want you to get better. Im glad kadin is there to keep you safe. Plus hes a nurse so theirs an extra benefit ^_^.

    If your dad things you should quit then maybe you should. Honestly if you are not happy with your work then you need to find something that makes you happy. Just don't stress yourself out to much. You will find something in time but just recover abit before you start jumping back into the field of work.

    I hope you n Kadin are okie dokie and I hope to hear more from you guys soon.

    Love ya both