Brotherly Love

Like I said in last nights late post my baby brother started his blog. I know I said before I tried to talk him out of it only cause the hell I went through with mine in the beginning. I know some of you wasn't there and have no idea what I'm talking about but some of you do some of you have been there from the first day. I thank you for that and I have came to know that few and have open things up to them people for the earn my trust as I earn there trust. But when my Brother Ty decided he wanted to blog I have to be honest I didn't like the idea and tried and tried to talk him out of it I don't want him going through the shit I did. Over the years I have open up more and more so now my life is pretty much and open book but as a big Brother I can't help wanting to protect him. I know I can't always and I also know I need to let him grow and spread his wings but to me he is still that little boy I guess he will always be that to me.

With Dad's approval and mine we gave him the green light to blog yes we will be watching but I also want to give him space least he told us he's doing this instead of hiding it that's what most teens would do. My family is kinda strange I think we are very close and very tight some say it has to do with being somewhat nudist I'm not sure about that but I have notice that a lot of families that we know that are nudist are very tight families and very open with each other on things going on. Me and Ty are the same way have always been open and honest about things going in our lives I don't know maybe I'm just the over protected brother. Ty welcome to blogging have fun with use it to vent use it to help yourself as well as others. Just know Bro I am here and I am very proud of you I love you more than I love life Ty so understand when I do something Brotherly don't get mad at me.

Oh I know he could have picked a better blog name but he was thinking about dirt bikes and we see it and think about nasty things haha!

Ty's Blog I'll Do Tricks For You

5 Responses
  1. I've just made a short visit there, it's really nice and friendly (of course).

  2. Bret Says:

    I am just glad he has you to help keep an eye on things. It is nice to see brothers that have each others back!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I left a comment :) I'm still
    gonna worry about him...Just like
    I do you...
    Great...Now with you josh and ty
    I'm gonna have more grey hairs!



  4. Just Says:

    hard to do is let them fly isn't it ... Hey Ryan how are you doing btw ... hope you getting better hopefully less pain ...

  5. Doug Says:

    Hey there.. actually found your blog through your brother's blog. I think it'll be pretty interesting to read the lives of two brothers. :) Looking forward to reading more of your blog.