I Got Nothing

I got nothing today I'm all posted out for this week so just have a great Friday the 13th and a great weekend. I do have a doctor app today check to see if everything is healing right. This weekend we are going to get some Thanksgiving decorations need to make my house feel like Mom's house Kadin is looking forward to a house full thats all he been talkng about cooking and all that goes with it him and Mom has talked more this week then me and her. Well thats it for today kids!

6 Responses
  1. Aaron Says:

    I really wish you'd have more pics of you and Kadin. He sounds like a really good man. Too bad his family is a pain.

  2. ryan field Says:

    Happy Friday the 13th to you, too.

    Hope the doc gives a good report.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I had a good/not so good Friday...
    The not so good is 2 hours of
    sleep...The good is NOT SO MANY
    DISHES! WOO!!!

    I'm fixin to take a shower and get
    in my jammies (I know at 3:30 in
    the afternoon)and lay on the
    sofa till Josh calls and needs me
    to pick him up...

    You and MY Kadin (I thought we
    made a deal heehee!) have a
    great weekend and have fun!!!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!


  4. I LOVE Froday The 13th....! For me, it has always been a lucky day. A play of mine opened on a Friday 13th---it was supposed to run only 6 weeks and ended up being extended twice! AND, I got the best reviews of my life! So, for me....it is a very very lucky combination!
    It sounds like Thanksgiving is going to be a GREAT Day in your house!

  5. Just Says:

    Hope your appointment goes well. Is Awesome your family gets along with Kadin. Your a lucky man ... Just

  6. I always have rather good luck on Friday the 13th and yes sometimes i'd LOVE to unleash ther fury of Jason Voorhees on some of the assholes I have to put up with at work! LOL