Food for Thought

I asked Ryan if he cared if I put another post up, he said go for it, so heres a food for thought post. Maine's law makers voted this week and decided they wanted to abide by God's law, then it is time that they abide by God’s Law. It states in the Bible and it's clear shellfish is an abomination, It's not to be eaten and I personally think the LGBT community should help ensure that the people of Maine are not breaking God's law. So to help ensure that the people of Maine do not sully their souls by catching those crustaceans known as lobsters I think it is time to get them off of restaurant menus and out of grocery stores. The time is now for LGBT and their allies not to buy Maine lobster. Just some food for thought. Ryan is doing well, he's sore and bitching some but there is enough of us here to take care of him.

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  1. Bret Says:

    Glad he is doing well. It is always good to have backup.

  2. Just Says:

    Glad he feeling well to bitch ... good sign... poor yall lol .... hopes he gets better real soon

  3. Bitching is indeed a good sign. Much love to you all.

  4. ryan field Says:

    This was a good post. I'm glad Ryan's doing better. And I like the part about not buying Maine Lobster.

    If all the LGBT touists who go to Bar Harbor just stopped going next summer in protest, I'm sure Maine would feel the impact. They should go to P'town instead, and send a message to Maine.

    I'm going to do a short post and link this post to my blog.


  5. Mr. Urs Says:

    If it would not hurt The Gays™ as well, hair dressers should be prohibited since cutting hair is also an abomination.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you again Kadin!!
    I totally feel the same way...

    Good to hear he's bitchin...That
    means he'll be better soon...

    BIG HUGS to the both of you!


  7. ^_^ Kadin, finally I see a post by the partner in crime! lol. Thank you so much for taking care of Ryan. Ryan is defintely one in a million. I am just happy he got through his surgery well. I was prayin up a storm that nothing happened. Thanks for the awesome post Kadin. You make a very valid point.

    Get well Ryan and Kadin, dont stress yourself out to much beautiful. Keep each other safe.

    Love ya both

  8. Glad to hear his surgery went well and he is on the mend! Take care of my little sweetie!