We decided late Saturday evening we was going to Guavaween in Ybor City. Kadin was suppose to work but they called and cancel him. He told them that was fine but he still was taking Thanksgiving week off. We are going back to my hometown for that. So back to Guavaween we decided to go its normally a really big deal here in Florida they had close to 50,000 people there last year they said but this year there were less than 10,000. I was wondering why this was and I think some of it has to do with the economy also I think that the Guavaween falling on trick or treat night kept some people away but the main thing is the city of Ybor decided to save money and go back to like it was in the beginning so they had no floats only people walking in the parade I think that also hurt less people involved in Guavaween.
It kinda suck but then again less people so it wasn't that bad seen some cool costumes meet some cool people had a good time.It was no Mardi
Gras-no strings of fakeprincess cut diamonds being flung, and we did miss the floats...We didn't stay but a few hours my leg was killing me and we came back had a little party by the pool so I couls sit in the hot tub and get my leg feeling good. On the knee I am scheduled to go Friday to have the surgery done it is same day so I'll be home Friday night Mom wanted to come in but I was like if I need you I'll call but there is family here and Kadin is here. I don't think she liked that too well and I would bet she will be here before Friday. Other that I have nothing else how about ya'll what you do for Halloween?Later!
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  1. Reddecatur Says:

    Well Ryan...good luck Friday! HUGS

  2. Happy.. Guavaween! (late)

  3. naturgesetz Says:

    I stayed home (after the 4:00 Mass at church) and gave candy to about 40 trick-or-treaters.

    Nice pics. I'm a bit surprised at the tan lines.

  4. Ryan Says:

    naturgesetz u know i dont have tan lines hehe but some people do for now anyway until i get them sun tanning in the nude!

  5. Teigue Says:

    Guavaween is great I haven't been in the last couple of years but it used to get so pack you had to go where the crowd toke you. Are either the costume pictures you?

    p.s. Just started reading your vlog really enjoy it.

  6. ryan field Says:

    Guavaween sound like fun.

    Hope the knee is okay.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Glad you had fun :)



  8. itsalledd Says:

    I was at Guavaween this year! It was crazy amazing! I loved every minute of it. Maybe I saw you. LOL

  9. It’s hard not to smile while reading your posts (mostly), good luck with your surgery, I wanted for a long time ask because of facebook, will send better a mail tomorrow.

  10. bootie! hehe ^_^. Ive never heard of the places that you go to sometimes so it always intrigues me the things you do. I hope you n Kadin had fun for halloween and I hope everything is going well with you 2. Stay safe ryan.