DNA Exonerate Man

This is something I don't understand we have the ability and the technology but in some cases we don't use it. This is one of those cases there is a man here in Florida that has been sitting in prison for 35 years for a crime he didn't commit. Back when he was convicted I would say the system may have did it's job they didn't have DNA testing back then. He was picked out of a line up and was sentence to life in prison. Back then I would say everything work to the best of there ability. But now we have DNA what's wrong with if you still have evidence do testing make sure you have the right person. James Bain and his lawyers have been asking for the 8 years for the samples that the police had to be tested. A judge denied the request each time until July he granted it and Mr Bain was found innocence wasn't his sperm on the underwear of the boy that was raped. Read the full story here Dna Exonerate Man.

My point is DNA isn't it suppose to free the innocence and convict the guilty? Then why isn't this a law all over America? I'm sure there are people sitting in jail right now that didn't do what they been found guilty of. Just like I'm sure there are people walking around that need to be in jail. I don't know about having everyone submit a DNA but then again I'm not sure that would be a bad idea either. First I think we need to start with those in jail and free the innocence. Then we could work on the rest. 35 years this man sit in prison just to find out he was telling the truth. He's 54 years old now prime of his life gone never get it back. What do you say oh sorry. This just don't seem right and sad part is they haven't cut him lose yet maybe by Christmas they say. 54 what's he going to do it will be hard for him to find a job should the state have to pay him until he dies maybe not a bad idea. I don't know but I know this something has to change we have the ability why don't we use it?

Mr Bain was released today free and clear of everything. The State of Florida also pays 50,000 a year for every year for anyone in prison that was there wrongly. That means Mr Bain will get about 1.75 million still don't give him back the 35 years he sit in prison. Least he's free now.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    They do that here now...Going
    through old cases and using DNA
    whenever possible...There have
    been several innocent men who have
    been released because of this...
    I think that when you go to jail
    they should have a copy of your
    DNA in their database so nothing
    like that happens again...



  2. Anonymous Says:

    Here they give the guy a thousand dollars for each year he spent in prison and a sorry about that. I think it should be a hundred thousand for each year. His life is ruined and his mental state is altered to where nobody would want him around. He was prpbably gang raped and had his front teeth knocked out so he can suck better. A little cash and I'm sorry is not enough...really! ed

  3. Polt Says:

    Ryan, I'm not disagreeing with your take on this, however, try to view it from the state's point of view.

    You say "innocent until proven guilty." he WAS proven guilty. In a court of law. In as fair a trial as possible. So since he's guilty, why should the state go back and have to do this testing. I mean, it's not free, nor is it cheap. Is the state supposed to pay for it. And you say the man was there for 35 years, well how far back should the state go? Should the perform DNA tests for every convict sitting in prison? Should they Only test for people in the last 40 years? 20? 5? Just murder cases? Maybe rape cases? Should it just be for the death penalty? For life sentences? for over 50 year sentences? Unless the inmates can pay for the testing themselves, it would be totally cost prohibitive to have the state pay for all this testing. Espeically since these people were already found guily.

    And let's say we agree the state should do this. Can you imagine how much MORE the court system's are going to get clogged up? I mean, having to hear all these appeals. not to mention, the labs which are already backed up doing NEW testing will now have to be backed up even further while they do testing on OLD cases.

    I understand, some are actually innocent. And if I were one of those innocent people sitting in jail, I'd want every freakin' test available on the face of the earth done until my innocence is proven.
    But I don't know how feasible it is.

    Again, Ryan, don't get me wrong, I think there needs to be something done about this. But jsut flat out using this new testing on every inmate that complains he's innocent is not feasbile.


  4. Ryan Says:


    Some great points thanks that what I wanted so input different views.


    Thanks my friend!

    Laurie (Mom)


  5. Jen Says:

    It is because of the time and cost involved. Most inmates are guilty and almost all claim to be innocent. I wish there was a way to test everyone quickly. Maybe one day there will be.

  6. I'm one of those cynical bitches that wish they would round even more of the thug/vermin element around here and put them in prison.
    That is sad though, and I would feel very differently if it happened to me or someone I loved. Oh wait - it has - my nephew.

  7. Jeremy Says:

    I agree that the testing should be done, but I also see how it isn't feasible. I too hope that one day it can be done faster.

  8. ryan field Says:

    Sometimes the system, though it works, takes forever. In some cases, like this, it's hard.

  9. rudyyy60 Says:

    umm sorry to say but the court system is corrupt always was and always will be intell we the people MAKE THEM do there damn jobs ..we pay them to serve us and yet they don't they just site around and say o i don't like you so your going to jail .. one more thing YES THE STATE Should have to pay for those tests. sorry to say but most prisons make a lot of money off those prisoners.. who do you think makes those plates you put on your car that you pay a shit load of money for each year???? well they make them in minnesota here i know that since my stepdad was there for 7 yrs ...sorry but even if they test 1000 people and only 2 get set free cause they were innocent that is worth is SORRY but i do not think you are thinking straight there polt i mean what if that was your father in there and you did not have the money to pay for it ???and also the state could just say hey the test if free and the testers don't get paid cause it is there way of paying back the community kinda like community services since most of them went to collage on the states dime well the community's dime FINANCIAL AID and yes when I start TEC school i will be doing the same But i grew up in a poor house hold so there for I have that right to use financial aid Unlike some of those middle class kids whom thinks it is ok for them to use it and party for the first 1 or 2 years of collage

  10. rudyyy60 Says:

    One more thing they would only have to go back about 20 years from when they had DNA testing which was want the mid 1980's so say 1985 go back to 1965 Cause most he inmates that were in prison before 1965 are sorry to say more then like not live anymore