Answering A Question

Got an interesting email yesterday every now then I get one and decide to answer it on here instead of email. This is a really good question that I want to answer publicly. The writer ask me if I ever get mad when I see other blogs that have a lot of followers and a lot of comments? To be honest no it don't bother me at all. When I first started blogging when I was 15 I had a ton of people that left comments didn't have followers back then you had to link people or they would link you. I soon learn that the reason these people were linking me or leaving comments they were trying to get my clothes off. Some worked hard others just ask out right. Guess that's why I didn't my brother to blog. Then there was others that said I was fake that went on for about 3 years. Prove them wrong also and they went away after a while. Then the haters either of me personally or the fact I was gay after a while they went away also. So over the years I have a lot of commenter's over the years they come they go. To be honest I would rather have a small loyal crowd following and commenting then a large crowd coming for maybe nudes pics or something like that. Right now I can say my readers and commenter's are very loyal some have been here from day one. I know these people feel safe with these people and I will take that over a 1000 followers or commenter's anyday. Hope that answer the question.

Love this song!
11 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good answer Sweetie :)
    You know who really loves you for
    you and who only loves you when
    you're nekkid...

    Loves You!!!!


  2. Carl Says:


    Nice answer

  3. Cash Says:

    I feel the same way man.

  4. Polt Says:

    Don';t think I've been here Day 1...Day 7 maybe. :) And while I'd love to see a photo of you with your clothes off...or maybe several photos...that's not why I keep coming back here.

    Merry Christmas, punkin.


  5. :-)
    I really love You as a friend

  6. I agree 100%, I love my small following and don't care if anyone else reads me.
    I can't even remember how we met - I know I met Laurie through you... Hmmmmm that will bug me all day now LOL

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I keep reading your blog because you have the biggest heart this side of heaven. I hope that if I ever have money I'll be able to do half of what you have done to help others. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  8. elise Says:

    Ryan, sweetie--I am honored to be one of your small, loyal group of true blog friends. You are the first blogger I ever e-mailed and commented to, and you are still at the top of my Favorites list!

    YOU make ME feel special, and that is just so cool!

    big hugs......

  9. ryan field Says:

    This is why you've always been the best blogger. Because of smart posts just like this one. I haven't been here since day one, but I've been here for a long time. And it's why I keep coming back.

    The weird comments will always come and go. I had a very smutty FB personal message today that I just ignored. It creeped me out. But I also had a few really nice ones, from nice people, and those are the ones I'll keep following.

  10. Eirik Says:

    I think you are right - I have been very lucky so far with the people that have left comments for me - you were one of the first and I appreciated the sincerety and convo's we had very much and still do! I don't have a lot of followers, but the ones that do check out my stuff have always been sincere, cool and very helpful. I am still new at this and still finding my voice, but with people like you around, I think it will all be cool, cool.

  11. Mr. Urs Says:

    When bloggers start to hunt for comments & followers they usually loose their uniqueness. I prefer the ones who blog from their heart.