Last Post This Year

Sorry the posts have been few and far I knew something would be put on the back burner. It's been a crazy, busy but so much fun a couple of weeks. This will be my last post of this year I just know I won't have time to get back on here. I have a house full and love it. My friend came in yesterday to join us for New Year's celebration. Last night though he got trashed drop a un open bottle of beer on my tile floor. Oh you know what happen then yep broke and glass and bud light all over the kitchen. The house smelled like beer well that is the holiday smell right? haha I feel so bad for him he has so much on his mind and not much I can do to help other than be there for him and that's what I will do. Mom & Dad get back today and I know she will be going to the store getting things for the New Year's Eve party and the day after football party snacks. I think she told me they have friends coming in from Atlanta. Yep I have a house full like I said I love it. I know Sunday everybody will be gone and the house will be so empty. Well thanks for a great year I know I can always count on you my blogging buddies. Happy New Year be safe and come back next year for another round of me Ryan's Life!

Much Love!!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tell Speedy not to worry...
    I know it's easier said then done
    but things will work out the way
    they should and he will always have
    friends to turn to...

    Tell your mom and dad I wish them
    a wonderful New Year...And a safe
    trip back home :)

    Happy Newd Rear!!!! Wait...That's
    Happy Rude Deer!!!! No that don't
    seem right...OH!! Now I know!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

    Talk to you later...

    Loves you TONS Kiddo!!!!!


  2. Yes happy New Year to you Ryan and much love - btw. you were really cute at that time ;-)

  3. Bret Says:

    Happy New Year to you too.

    Sounds like a fun family time.

  4. A Lewis Says:

    Thinking of you, of the whole family!, at this wonderful time of year -- of new beginnings and fresh starts. Naked hugs.

  5. Octavius Says:

    Hey mate. Have a great time..., happy new year to and yours!


  6. ryan field Says:

    I think you've been doing great with your posts, especially with all you've been doing.

    I'm glad you're having fun :)

    Here's to a new year and maybe some new ideas?

  7. Joey Says:

    Happy New Year, Ryan.

  8. Aaron Says:

    Well, thanks for all the posts for the year and for sharing your life with all of us. I know I'm a quiet lurker, but here's wishing you an auspicious and wonderful new year!

  9. Reddecatur Says:

    Happy New Year!

  10. jimm Says:

    Ryan, enjoy the New Year... and dont wear out Kadin too much tonite!!!