Growing Up

Just wanted to say thanks for the questions yesterday. I like doing stuff like that it lets people get to know me better. Also lets me know what kind of sick fucks you are haha just kidding you know I love ya! I have a couple big things going on in my life right now and I'm gonna share one of them with you now. Me & Kadin been talking for a while and when Mom & Dad was here over the holidays we talked with them also. So here it is me & Kadin want to have a baby shocker huh? Oh stop I know were both boys and neither of us can have a baby so we need a girl. Got that part covered also one of my best friends from back home is willing to help us. I know this is a big step in life but there are others my age that have babies. I just think we should have them sooner than later Kadin is financial stable and working at the hospital has great benefits. Me well I have some money saved yeah I just started another new job again but this one I seem to like.

I know this a big step in life but one I think we are ready for. We have talked about this a lot and just think it's the right time. I want to have kids while I'm still young myself that way I can enjoy them when they get older. I'll be 23 this year if we have one now when he or she is 10 I'll be 32 still young enough to enjoy playing outside with them or whatever. When I ask my friend if she would help she was so happy I ask her. She has been a really great person to me all my life and I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather have help me with this. Mom & Dad at first wasn't on board with this only cause my health issues. They were worried about when I get sick and in the hospital they also was worried about kids getting sick and me getting sick from that. There all good points I agree but I can't sit and worry about getting sick all the time and not enjoy life over it. So what do you think? I would like to know about thoughts.

I got something else I'm working on can't talk about it much on here just yet. Yes it has to do with the picture. Some of you already know the rest have to wait sorry. Ok there calling for either snow or a winter mix this weekend. People this is Florida keep your damn cold weather and winter mix up north please damn! Thank you haha!

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  1. Mr. Urs Says:

    I child is a great responsibility, but I'm certain you thought that through thoroughly.

  2. Cash Says:

    Wow, If you think you can provide this kid with an awesome life, and lots of love of course, then why the hell not??? . . . . .I can't wait to have a son actually. Congrats dude!

  3. Carl Says:

    Wow a big step. You realize that you live in Florida right? Before you plant the seed, be sure to talk with a good lawyer to protect you, Kadin and the baby. Florida overall is not gay friendly to same sex couples. You need to have all the legal stuff in place first.

    What about adoption?

  4. Denny Says:

    WHOA! Big shocker, and a big decision..... I'm proud of you guys for thinking so 'family', but I wonder if you've considered another option. The world is already FULL of children, many of whom have little hope for a happy and fulfilling life - and are adoptable. As an adoptee myself, I thank my adoptive parents all the time for rescuing me from a miserable life and giving me a chance in life - and I see some of my str8 friends having kid after kid out of wedlock and the resulting misery and difficulty (one of my ex-bf has had 6 kids with 4 different moms, only marrying and staying with the last one). Adoption is definitely the answer - the problem is the state and society, the morons who can't see past their own bigotry and give a child a chance. I don't know how it is in FL, but even in la-la land (CA) it's very difficult for gays to adopt. But I think that looking into it should at least be explored.
    In any event, I'll support you guys, you're great!
    AZ Denny

  5. DeviantSon Says:

    The way you are with Ty I think you will make a great parent. I'm pretty sure Ty will like being an uncle. Hope the state of Florida doesn't get in your way, because I thought you couldn't adopt in this state if you were gay? Hope I am wrong. If you don't me asking whose sperm do you plan on using, I assume at that is the route you are taking. Best of luck and stay warm it is fecking cold here in Orlando.

  6. ryan field Says:

    This is one of those things you have to decide. I know a lot of gay couples who have adopted, and I know one guy who actually adopted his niece's baby, ten years ago, and he's single. Everyone's happy.

  7. Octavius Says:

    Actually from what I have read so far, I think you two would be great dads. I'm sure two smart guys like yourselves have thought through all the angles.

    I applaud this decision..., and wish you all the best. Honestly, good luck. And because you both are gonna need it...

    Courage and Honour!


    PS: Ryan my namesake is actually pretty famous..., or was at least, back in the day. If you can tell me who it is, i'll give you a cookie. Should be no problem for a History nut such as yourself. Hint - Britain.

  8. elise Says:

    Hey Ryan--First, I agree that you must get a good lawyer and discuss all the legal issues upfront, for whatever approach you and Kadin want to take to have a baby.

    Next---I feel that I have gotten to know you pretty well as a blog friend over the past couple of years, and my impression is that you would be a WONDERFUL FATHER!

    There are many reasons, including your very loving temperament and the excellent values and ethics that you would teach your child, and show by example.

    I also see your family as a very positive factor, especially your mom.

    Kadin seems like a very solid, dependable and loving person as well, and those are great qualities for a dad. And I know from personal experience that having a nurse for a parent is wonderful!

    So, you have my vote for parenthood!!

    bigs hugs.....

  9. Bret Says:

    I think it is a great idea. I know it isnt something you would just jump into.

    You are right that you cant worry about getting sick or them getting you sick, that can happen by being at work or out at the mall.

  10. Ryan Says:

    I dont have much to say in response but congrats! I think it probably isn't a bad idea to look into the legal stuff and considering adoption would def be my first choice. But you seem so overjoyed. Really and truly congrats. A child is a wonderful thing and you seem like a wonderful person, you deserve it!

    Lots of love,

  11. aron Says:

    GRATS dude, u must be very happy now, and u deseve it.

  12. jimm Says:

    ummm... no smoking while ur expecting!!!

  13. Just Says:

    Wow maybe should email what I think ... lol ummm but way on board yeah.... so expect a email ... because ya.. got ton to say... Love Lee ... and congrats

  14. For some reason I couldn't access your blog yesterday but thankfully I can this morning.
    Yes I, too am shocked but hey, when is it ever the 'right' time or 'convenient' to have a baby?
    NEVER. It happens and life flows on. At least you all have been doing some thinking and talking about it instead of being impulsive as so many young people are. I have 13 nieces/nephews and babysat them thousands of hours but NOTHING prepared me for having an infant of my own to care for 24/7. The good news is, if "I" can do it - pretty much anybody can! LOL I wish you and Kadin nothing but happiness, contentment and much much love!

  15. hb9 Says:

    Congrats to you both. Looking forward to hearing all the adventures along the way...

  16. Matt Says:

    This is great..

    No matter what anyone says there is never a right or wrong time age wise to have a child.. The time is right when you and kadin say it is.. I'm sure you'll be a great father, with the way that you are so loving towards everyone in your family, and take care of your brothers as if they are your children..

    Good Luck!!..