Something Different

Thought I would try something different today. So here it is you can ask me one question any question and I will answer it right away. Just ask me in the comments and I'll answer your questions. Also I have MSN if you want to chat a little add me I should be on and off there all day so if I don't answer right away I will. I'm at work it comes first but we have been slow last couple days so I have some spare time. My MSN screen name is so add me. Also my good friend Ryan Field did an interview with my little brother he has it posted on his blog so check it out. Interview with Tyler. Ok start asking question I'm ready to answer ask anything you want.

Ok this cold weather shit is getting on my last nerve. I was watching the weather this morning and they were talking about maybe sleet or even snow Friday night into Saturday morning. Course it wont stick but still snow in Florida? I know it's happen in the past but damn I moved here to get away from the cold weather. I am just scared I'm gonna catch a cold with the temps being 80 one day and 40 the next. Besides it's hard on nudist when it's cold. No I'm not worried about the shrinkage issue I have some spare haha Just walking around naked just anit happen with it's cold. Bet my neighbors miss it least I haven't seen anybody peeking in the windows.

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  1. Just Says:

    Cool Ryan actually kind of been waiting for this , that is to ask you some questions.

    Well I know you have been blogging for well the longest that I know. I know what blogging has done for me. I have a lot of postives out of it.

    Was wondering what do you get out of blogging? and how it has impacted your life from then to now ?

    What advice do you give to people just starting out ?

    lol hope you don't freeze you nutts off . Calling Kadin ...
    Speaking of Kadin man that poem you wrote blew me away!!! The One About Kadin ...

    Thanks Lee

  2. I want some snow here in SC dammit!

    Now... with that being said... Hmmm... what shall I ask you?
    If you had to move anywhere west of the Mississippi river where would you move?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Ryry, you thank it is cold there? It is so cold here that I saw a dog stuck to a fire hydrant. It is so cold that when I sneeze icicles fly out of my nose.
    I have never been to Florida. My question is do the houses have furnace heat or do you have to plug up small electric heaters when it gets cold? ed

  4. Ryan Says:

    I get out of blogging the fact I may help others. Animals, Gayteens, Gay people in general. Impact I met a wonderful guy Mikey from blogging. I also have had lots of hate from blogging.

    My advice for people starting make damn sure you want to blog in the first place and don't give up put your heart into but make it fun. When it becomes work then it's no fun anymore.

    Monogram Queen (Sis)
    I would say Colorado I love Aspen a lot.

  5. Ryan Says:

    House down here have furnaces the older ones not so much so they have fireplaces. some you have to have electric heaters. i personally have furnace and a fireplace.

  6. aron Says:

    Hey Thanks for giving me a shout out, I have a question, what most do u like about ur life?
    Cya around

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I'm getting sick :(
    I can't be sick...I have kids
    to take care of...UGH!!!!!!

    Stay warm!



  8. Cash Says:

    Question; Can you send me the link to that story ( re: my story/ your comment) hahaha, I'm kinda lazy and this seemed like a perect opportunity! Please.

  9. Ryan Says:


    what i like most about my life is kadin and my family.

    laurie (net mom)

    sorry your getting sick i know it all to well.


    ill look it up and let you know i have to find it myself.

  10. ryan field Says:

    I guess I'm late again.

    My question: Do you ever make breakfast in bed for Kadin?

  11. jimm Says:

    Which cartoon character do you best identify with?

  12. Ryan Says:

    yes i have made kadin breakfast in bed im a morning person and he's not so it's easy for me to do this. sometimes i take it to him only wearing a apron hehe!

    ok i like the old cartoons and looney tunes are my favorites along with peanuts. so i would say yosemite sam. my backup would be daffy duck.

  13. Just Says:

    Hey Ryan I just want to say , thanks for taking the time, answering the questions ... really like this post ... Also the other Ryan great interview with Ty thanks ...

  14. Octavius Says:

    Well this is fun..., I think i'll join in. So here is my question...

    If you could have dinner (Or whatever), with one historical figure..., who would that person be?

    I look forward to your answer.


  15. Ryan Says:


    not sure how long you been following my blog but this is one great question i am a history nut.
    your question is so hard to answer it's hard to pick just one very hard. there are so many eras that i like so much that i would love to go back and visit. the old west, world war 1 and 2, in america the civil war, the romans just so hard to pick one. ok ill pick one and then list a top 4. my first choice to have dinner with would be Jesus.

    if he was busy then maybe
    1. William Bonney (Billy the Kid)
    2. Wyatt Earp
    3. Abraham Lincoln
    4. Adolf Hitler
    5. Alexander the Great

    sorry i could go on and on about this topic.

  16. ryan field Says:

    "yes i have made kadin breakfast in bed im a morning person and he's not so it's easy for me to do this. sometimes i take it to him only wearing a apron hehe!"

    I asked because I think, for some reason, breakfast in bed is one of the most romantic things there is.

  17. Octavius Says:

    Ah probably about a month I think..., found you when I found your brother. You both seemed pretty cool, so I jumped on the "Stratton Bandwagon".

    As to your choices, as a man who has a degree in history, I would dearly love to hear your reasoning, on your choices. As they are certainly not the norm.

    Thank for the very decent answer.