Keep the Prayers Coming

First thing please forgive but I can't give much info on Ty. I can tell you this he is in a coma they put him in it so he can heal. So they tell us I don't like but they say it's for the best. Other than that Dad ask me not to say anything if I got on here. I'm scared and all I want is to see him open his eyes again. I sit all day long just holding his hand I hope he knows this. I want to say thank you so much for your emails your comments and text messages I got and the love you showed me is what I needed to see thank you. I don't want to be here right now I should be at the hospital Mom & Dad made me come home and shower and sleep. Got the shower out of the way wanted to give a little something here Mikey told me about the love on the blog. I do ask please no text messages for a while ok I can't have the phone on in the icu and when I do step out for a second I don't need the text messages I need the messages from Kadin.

Please email and comment that would be best for now sorry I can't answer your emails right now but I saved them when I can I will answer everyone of them. I printed out all Ty's emails that ya'll have sent I'm gonna read them to him keep them coming also I'm sure he will love them. I'll try to keep things up as long as I can but if the post are few and far please understand. A real dear friend did send me this and has it on her blog she ask not to be named just use it as I seen fit. So I'm going to ask could you post it on your blog or website somewhere. Maybe ask your readers to do the same you don't have to mention me or my blog its not about that. I do believe I just don't talk about it much other than to bitch about it when people use it for hate. I think with the power of prayer it will help my Brother. Please if you could put this on your website or blog and ask your followers to say a little prayer for Tyler.

I'm gonna rest now for a few hours and go back to the hospital.
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  1. A Lewis Says:

    I'm right there with you, prayer, in spirit, in smiles, in hugs. All of my all of you.

  2. Just Says:

    Ryan I am so sorry. We are wishing nothing but the best for Ty. Thanks for keeping us informed. Don't worry about us .. you watch out for Ty , and you family ... updates are very welcome... but man take care of you first ... Know this I am keeping yall all in my prayers ... wishing for healing and Ty to come Home.... Tell him we keep a light on for him. Love Lee .....

  3. Bret Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I will keep you all in my prayers,

    Thanks for keep us updated.

  4. Chris V Says:

    Sorry to hear about your brother. I'll keep ya'll in my thoughts hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    He's gonna be alright Sweetheart...
    My prayers are with him and have
    been since I read what Mikey posted
    the other day...

    Josh sends his thoughts and well
    wishes too...

    LOVES YOU!!!!!


  6. Ron Says:

    Hey Ryan I'm so sorry to hear about Tyler. I will be wishing for his recovery and that his condition doesn't get any more serious. I've been in the intensive care unit myself many many times as a patient, and I know how hard that place is for family members.

    He will be in our thoughts.

    Take care


  7. Octavius Says:

    Ryan mate, your dad is right, you still need rest. The last thing Ty will need when he wakes up is tired droopy big brother. Take care of yourself too as much as you can. That way you will be everything he needs you to be.

    Tyler..., buddy, i'm sending you as much love and support as I can. Whatever you need to do, do it fast, for your families sake and for ours as well, get better little dude...,I'm pulling for you.

    Courage and Honour!


  8. Aaron Says:

    Hey Ryan, it breaks my heart to read all these. I really hope you are taking good care of yourself, for your brother, your family and everyone else who loves you dearly. I understand that this is really hard for you, as it is for us too. *tight squeeze*

    Ty, you're a sunshine and so full of life. We all want you back, so please stay strong, and dig out all those fight in you. You have it. You've shown all the fights you are capable of through your blog posts. Sending you lots and lots of love and positive thoughts, Tyler. We can't wait to have you back and tell us the story. *HUGS*

  9. Dave83201 Says:

    Its so hard to know what to say at times like this. People are so precious, and yet are so fragile. What I do know is when we all come together and focus warmth, good feelings and even prayer on one who is hurt or injured, miracles can happen. My faith tells me there is nothing so broken that can't be healed, nothing so ruined that can't be restored. So I will use what poor faith I have, to ask that all the love, comfort and healing that is needed be directed toward Ty, as well as you Ryan, his faithful brother, and all your family and friends. I encourage everyone on my blog to do likewise, in whatever way they feel appropriate, because when even a few take hands together in faith for another, wonderful things can start to happen.

    God bless you Ty!

  10. Just Says:

    While you lay and rest.
    Mending and healing.
    We were there waiting and wishing
    Knowing you would return soon.

    Just so you wouldn’t forget your way back to us …
    We left a light on for you…
    While we all call out " Come home soon Tyler, We all miss you …. "

    Keeping Ya in our hearts and minds
    We are pulling for you .
    Tyler, heal soon
    We will keep the light on for you.
    Just listen Tyler we all are calling for you.
    Until you return we will not Quit.
    We will be waiting Man !
    Love Lee

  11. Synx Says:

    You already know prayers are coming your way, but I'll repeat it: our prayers are with you.

  12. Jacob Says:

    Hope everyone's prayers and thoughts lead to Ty recovering soon.

  13. Sparky Says:

    Lord God,
    I join my heart in these prayer offered up for Tyler. Please come to his aid, and offer him Your heavenly hand of protection upon his life. He is in a coma right now. According to Your love, please come and heal this young man. He has sustained injury to his head and chest. Please lay Your hands upon these areas especially, Lord. These areas are vital to life, and we pray for complete healing upon his body. Grant him sustained life. Refresh him in Your compassionate love. Guard and protect his family, as they suffer in wait right now. Bring peace to his friends, as they feel lost with such suddenness, the friend they have so cherished. Grant healing and peace to all these people, and help them in this process of recovery. Grant them hope, Lord, and bring them through these troubled times.
    We ask this through Christ Jesus, our Lord,

  14. Ryan I’m late and I’m deeply sorry for that, I send you my prayers, my thoughts, my love and all my good feelings toward you and your brother.

  15. swkpboy Says:

    I am sure your brother knows you are there holding his hand.. And it is that realisation combined with every one's prayers that will pull him through.. I too will keep him in my thoughts.. Johan

  16. Seth Says:

    I am praying for the best for him, you, and your family.


  17. elise Says:

    My dear Ryan--my prayers for Tyler and for you and your family are continuing.

    And thank you for not fighting your parents' request that you take care of yourself!!!

    Hang in there, sweetie---and let all of the love we are sending help support you during this awful time.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Jesus said, "Where two or more are gathered in my name, I will be in the midst of them and answer their prayers". In the name of the Savior Lord Jesus we ask for Tyler to be made whole. If we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. Pray and believe and you shall receive! Thank You Jesus. Rev. Ed

  19. Both of you still in thoughts and prayers


  20. ryan field Says:

    I just saw what happened, Ryan

    I'm thinking of you, and Ty. And I'm sending you both hugs and good thoughts.


  21. torchy! Says:

    desperately sorry to hear the news about Ty; i'm praying he'll make a full and speedy recovery. please pass that on to him.

    i'm wishing you and your family the strength to get thru it all too.

    take care of each other

  22. Slave Simon Says:

    Love and support.
    M and P

  23. WkBoy714 Says:

    That sounds horrible, for both of you.. sorry that things can get so shitty at times like this. You have my fullest luck and prayer and support, for what it's worth of an atheist person, he can have all my luck, even if that means failing my exams tomorrow.

    He seems like a great boy, so do you. Hope he has a recovery soon and then it can go back to normal, I can maybe get to know you both and we'll have him back again but with an extra smile in his step.

    Good luck, get well soon

  24. Wet Kyle Says:

    Good luck and God's Speed.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan and Tyler, you have my prayers for complete healing. Ryan, please know Tyler can sense people.
    So hold his hand, stroke his arm, talk, it makes a difference.
    Blessing to both of you.

  26. Hope Says:

    Holy hell.

    I knew i had been gone for a few days but not long enough to know this occuried.

    My heart goes out to your family. Ty's been there for me since the beginning of my blog.
    And to hear that he's in a coma...makes me cry...

    He's like my little brother...

    And Though you dont know me...I wana say I am so sorry.

    I know if that ever happened to my sister or brother...i would be devestated..

    Your strong for your brother. Thats good. Im sure it's very tough..

    I havent read yet how it happened...Im not sure If you posted about it or not..but I'll go look..

    I just knew when I read that..I had to say something..

    Stay strong...and when he gets better give him the biggest hug and tell him I love him.

    I'll be in touch.

    Again Im very very sorry. You'll all be in my prayers tonight.


  27. Nik_TheGreek Says:

    My best wishes... I just hope for a fast recovery...
    Good luck...
    Get well soon

  28. Daniel Says:

    Stay in there!
    My thoughts are with you guys.


  29. Dean Grey Says:


    Found you through Octavius' blog.

    I'm sorry to hear this news. You are a good man to be at your brother's bedside.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family!


  30. Alan Says:

    Sending you my thoughts and prayers, stay strong.

  31. Just Says:

    Hey Ryan want you to know .. we love yall. Missing you and Ty, I hope your taking care of yourself. Giving Ty, you and Your Family ... nothing but good wishes. Hoping Ty is healing . Hoping it is over all of you soon.
    But Hoping the most I hope Ty comes home soon. Wishing your family peace and health. If anything man I can do let me know ....

    Love Lee

  32. Eirik Says:

    Hey Ryan;

    I have been following things concerning Ty for some time now and I am sorry that I have not gotten back to you sooner.

    I have been in the hospital myself - no excuse really, but I can tell you that my prayers have been with you, Ty and your entire family.

    You have always been very kind to me so I can just imagine that Ty has the same loving attitude and the world needs more of that so I have complete faith that things will work out for the best.

    Luv and hugs my friend,