Let's Sing

What a crazy week huh? I'm not gonna go into any long post. Thought I would just end the week with a song. I learn a lot this week about life and people. Even sideshow show me that he isn't really a bad guy. This song has many meanings for me I just love it hope you do also.
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  1. Laurie Says:

    Been a crazy week here too :)
    I took today off cause we were the
    only school that was going half a
    day and I didn't want to go to
    another school...SO, Leslie got the
    day off too and we went car
    shopping for Josh...Looking at
    some that we think he may be
    interested in and didn't find a
    good one in the bunch...

    I love this song too...It has
    been a while since I heard it and
    I totally forgot about it :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Love to the family!!!!!!


  2. Ryan
    You sound a lot more upbeat today, good to hear


  3. Anonymous Says:

    this is a great song. I really like the line where it says go ahead and bring on the rain (bad times) because I'm thirsty anyway. Sometimes I would like to hide away and lock the door but instead I have to face the rain. It might be easier to end it all but that would be the cowards way out. Instead I will look forward to the bad times as ineveitable and what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. That is what this song means to me. stupid old ed

  4. Thanks for the song Ryan and your new mood. Lots of love.

  5. Octavius Says:

    Good track mate, perfect fit.

    Like Mac, I have to say, you are sounding a little more upbeat. This is good to hear.

    Hope Ty is doing well..., big hugs to all.


  6. Boomstone Says:

    beautiful song Ryan