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Thank's Ya'll for understanding about comment control this is the best thing for now. Thank's for the support all these years seems like things were going to good in blogland for it to remain good. Some of you I have email back that wanted on the update list for Tyler. Others I email you explaining why I couldn't put you on hope you understand and know I'm not trying to be mean just using caution right now. Maybe every now and then I will throw something up here about him. I find it funny I put a block on comments so they have to be approve before they hit the site and I don't get any from sideshow strange isn't it? Enough on that let's move on couple topics I want to bring up real quick.

First is an email asking me my thoughts on Tim Tebow doing an ad with Focus on the Family about abortion. I haven't seen the commercial not sure it's even out it's suppose to be a super bowl ad I think. My thoughts working with Focus on the Family to me is Tim's first mistake I like to call them follow us we will fuck up your family. This so called church group is nothing more than a hate group and since Tim has decided to follow them I consider him a hater also. I don't say this because I'm not a Tebow fan I personally don't see what all the hub is with this guy. Let's see what he doe's in the NFL most gator qb's never make it in the NFL. I personally think this ad sucks and I haven't even seen it I think it's bad choice and I hope it bites Tim and focus on the family right in there hate filled ass. My thoughts on abortion is this I am for and against it depends on why the women is getting it. Like if it's cause of a rape then I am for the women getting it. If the women is using abortion as a form of birth control then I'm against it. The biggest thing is this it's up to the women period it's her body her choice. I know this will upset some of you but this is how I feel. I don't think I have every cover this topic in all my years blogging least if I did I don't remember. What's your thoughts on this?

The other topic is what Obama said last night about don't ask don't tell. Well I'm not getting my helps up on anything. Until I see action from this man to me it's just hot air. I am a little upset so far with what he told us I mean us as the gay community and he hasn't really done shit. So until I see action I'm not jumping on any bandwagon. I support him and even help with getting the vote out even gave money with hope that change would come haven't seen it. I know he has bigger things on his plate but ya know he can hit a little on this issue also. Personally I think he's to wrapped up in this health care thing to worry about much of anything else and us gays yeah back of the bus again. Sorry I feel this way about him but until I see something that makes me jump up and down this is the way I feel. Again your thought on this would be cool!
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  1. ryan field Says:

    Until I see any politician speak openly in support for the lgbt community, I'm holding my breath.

  2. I've always felt the way you do about abortion. It should never be used for anything as trivial as birth control but there are a variety of very sound reasons why women should be able to make the decision without being judged.

    Anything short of outright support for the GLBT community is worth little or nothing and I have a deep mistrust of the 'don't ask don't tell' philosophy, it's a form of prejudice.


  3. Just Says:

    I feel a little different. I agree to abortion to a point on the birth control aspect. Being a one time issue. No I don't agree for it to be used for regular birth control at all. Agree it is the woman body is her choice. I have seen some medical reason for having to have one, and dang sure feel rape is a another. Would I go out and suggest it to someone heck no . It a person choice. I have know women that have done this . It something they must face everyday for the rest of their life. That said I also see the flip side too . It isn't either better , unwanted children are treated and go threw hell in the child years and mother's and dads that cant provide food go through a whole other kinda of hell everyday... Look at the kids that are abused in the system. Every been in a group home. These kids are throw away by their parents. Still believe that education is the best birth control . Having many options and not just one. Because sex is a need not a want or desire. We are only animals .. what work for some say no having any.. will not work for other we all have different sex drives... but giving them different options and educating them... will slow down unwanted births .. we are still human and we still going to have them. Lol and your really don't want my opinion on sterilization just say some people wouldn't need abortions if they were just sterilizatize ...I be all for giving all 13 a pill until 24 lol that stop them from having kids until they were off of it lol

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan regarding Obama being down here on the bottom of the world we don't get the political coverage you do so I don't know enough to comment.
    Abortion - my feelings are much the same as yours - maybe even a bit more liberal because I feel that to bring in an unwanted baby into the world will only bring pain and suffering in the long run.
    Regards Stef.

  5. Laurie Says:

    Hey Sweetie...

    I do feel it is a womans right to
    do with her body as she feels fit
    to do to it...The sad thing is that
    I see teen girls pregnant every
    day at work...I do not believe
    to use it as birth control but I
    do see it to save a mothers life
    or in cases of rape...There are
    so many people who are willing to
    adopt that there is no need...

    As for Obama...I didn't 'watch'
    his thing all the way...I only
    watched it after one of my shows
    was over and I wanted to watch the
    news...So I had my eyes closed
    and my ears open but I wasn't
    really paying attention...

    So please DO NOT do what you were
    threatening to do in the e-mail...

    I loves you very much!!!!!


  6. Octavius Says:

    You raise some interesting points, but as they seem to be mostly centered on your country, I am afraid that I am not at all informed enough to comment on them.

    On the abortion front, I feel pretty much the same way you do, so nothing there either.

    I'm glad that you are still blogging though. Keep up the good fight my friend.

    Courage and Honour!


  7. jimm Says:

    My feelings on abortion are similar. What i dont like is the number of abortion performed since wade/roe 1973. They are sketchy numbers but estimated around 50,000,000. Again, estimated and sketchy math, depends on where you research. I think that is way too many abortions, and i wish the pope would allow birth control. For the price of a condom, how many of these unwanted pregnancies couldve been avoided?


    Gay rights are a US constitution issue, far as im concerned. Fuck these proposition votes. Civil Rights are not something we vote on.

    All politicians take an oath when entering office. Usually along the lines of upholding the laws and US Constitution. Most of them politicians and justices are violating their own sworn-on-the-bible beliefs and promises.

    I remember how in school they would make us recite or listen to the pledge of allegiance every single school day.

    A pledge which ends: with liberty and justice for all.

    ...FOR ALL!!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan, I am with you on the abortion issue.
    As far as the do not ask do not tell issue, there have been all sorts of promisses made to the gay community, but most of them never are acted upon by the government.
    Gays must continue to fight for equal rights like the constitution says.
    Keep on writing.

  9. JerreB Says:

    The thing I find interesting about the abortion issue is that the most vocal anti-abortion people are usually male. This is strange to me because they will never have to be the primary party making that decision. My father, who was a very religious man, said he couldn't figure out why anyone thought it was their right to tell someone else what they could or couldn't do, it was a decision between the individual and God.

    An interesting side bar to the whole DADT policy. I watched the TV series Bones last night which centered on a gay storyline. At one point Sweets (the psychiatrist) asked Booth (the FBI agent) if he had a problem with gay people. He said he was an army ranger, gay men saved his life many times, there's no difference. Even though it is a TV show, having that comment come out of a character's mouth can change how people look at the situation.

  10. sillyboi Says:

    Hey there. I am glad to see you didnt close the blog.. I hope TY is doing better.. Abortion, I am very much on the same page as you are. I share the same values and beliefs least on what you typed. It shouldnt be used as a form of birth control. I believe if a woman was raped or there could be harm to her or her unborn fetus than if it warrants then yes. But ultimately it is her body so she whould have the final say.
    2nd. Obama promised so much and here i sit without seeing much has changed. He is a great man but as a LBGT person in the community I will believe it when I see it. So far we have been pushed to the back burner. The only thing that he did manage to do and I dont like to say this cause Bush is the one that started it but he least signed into law the Ryan White funding bill which allows more funding and it also allows those with HIV/AIDS to travel to the US without having to do any sort of blood work or anything. So Thats the only thing I have seen that he has done..
    Those are my 2 thoughts on those subjects anyway I hope I dont make no one mad with the way I think..

  11. Anonymous Says:

    As a male I have no right to speak out about the abortion issue except to say it certainly is not the Governments business.
    When Obama said he was doing away with Don't ask Don't tell did you see the military men? I thought they were going to have a stroke. The Supreme court looked happier when Barrack raked them threw the shit. Priceless. ed