New Year

Not sure what happen to Florida I use to live there but seems like with the new year I woke up in a different state. Yeah I know your thinking what the hell is he talking about? What I'm talking about people it's freaking cold here 32 freaken degrees when I woke up this morning wtf? I moved here for the warm weather and we get this cold snap normally they only last a few days but this one suppose to last a week maybe longer. I know I have to right to bitch when some of you have temps below zero. Whatever I can bitch dammit I live in Florida and were not suppose to have this kind of weather!

Well the holidays are past us hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Mine was great and getting to host this year was a plus. It was a little sad though yesterday was the first day in 3 weeks that me and Kadin was alone. I know some of you are thinking that's not a bad thing. It's not sometimes but when you get use to someone being here 24/7 it sucks when they leave. I really love my family and want them around all the time. Well let me say I like some of my family there is others that can jump into a frozen lake. I'm gonna miss Tyler being here and his messes. I even looked in his room yesterday hoping he was laying on the bed. Yes he has his own room here what a brat! Love ya Bro!

Hey with the weather being like it is here remember the pets. If you have a pet outside bring them in. If you don't have a pet remember the ones at the shelters. They could always use an extra blanket. Take your old blankets down to your local shelters or stop the dollar store and buy a couple cheap blankets and drop them off. Remember people these animals look at us to protect them don't let them down like others have done.

Couple more thing before I go check out this blog. The guy name is James and he is doing a different kind of blog. He's doing a VBlog and it's kinda cool. Ty turn me on to it and think it's worth checking out. Rock James Bottom

Also a few post ago I ripped into ABC for the Adam Lambert thing well it seems like they may have redeem themselves. On One Live to Live soap they has a gay couple on there that has taken the next step in television. ABC aired a groundbreaking gay sex scene this is kinda big people and a good step I do believe. I personally don't watch this soap but I do watch soaps. My favorites that I use the DVR on is As The World Turns and General Hospital. Don't get me started on CBS canceling ATWT yep that happens in September is the last for it unless some other network picks it up and I am hoping they do. That Brad & Katie thing on ATWT omfg did it have me all messed up crying my eyes out dammit why do I watch!!!!!

Here is the scene from One Live to Live

Later from a Cold Ass Florida!!!
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  1. Bret Says:

    Here in Iowa we have been below zero every night the last week. Our high for the last two weeks on average was 1.5 degrees, so yeah I know what you mean.

    I am glad the holidays went well!

  2. Glad you had a great holiday. It's about -12 here with the wind with that being the forecast for the next week. Happy New Year.

  3. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful holiday! I know it's hard when family leaves, it's hard for me when the decorations come down too!

    These people that live across the street from me have about 4 or 5 small dogs in a pen with a doghouse and I worry so about them when it's so cold (in the 20's here). I try to look and I can't tell if they are all out there or if they are put inside somewhere when it's so cold.
    Always thinking of the furbabies!

  4. Just Says:

    Hey Ryan , I agree post holiday blues suckass. Lol I so hated coming home from Phoenix was nice and kinda of warm , came home snow ,cold as freaking hell. I mean didn't expect this cold snap and I turn off my heat ... lol big mistake... Glad like me your holidays rock , man had so much fun around my brother and son. Any way hows the new laptop and new job? Hope you get over it the post holidays blues ... So glad you got out of the nursing home enviroment. Talk to you later man ... Lee

  5. ryan field Says:

    It's below zero here, too. And we're not used to it. It's usually in the forties during the day, or thirties at least. But not zero.

    I used to watch OLTL, but I stopped watching for a while. I like

    I also watch Y&R. Thanks to soap net I can see them at night now.

  6. Travis Says:

    Haha. I live in Michigan my friend, and it is always cold here. There have been days in the middle of July where you wake up and snow is falling to the ground. Its funny though.

    Thanks for the follow on my blog, and the shout out coming soon. lol

    hit me up on Facebook sometime. The link is on my profile

  7. That is truly TRULY Cold, for Florida...! And I would not be happy with that either----Once in a great while it gets down to 32 at night here in Los Angeles--but not often...The '40's, ALL the time...
    And you are so right about the animals....They do depend on us to care for their Health & Welfare...!

    I couldn't see the video at all...It was so dark...But I applaud ABC for this...!

  8. Martin Says:'re right about the cold!

    This whole "global warming" thing just isn't working out as I hoped! Thought we'd have warm weather year-round.

  9. jimm Says:

    And now the weather from WNY, +4 F with 20 inches of snow, and more to come...

    At least you don't have to rake the roof!!!

    So how do ya heat a house in Florida? Furnace? Space heaters?

  10. Octavius Says:

    Hey mate..., I know that feeling, but has only been a day, you'll readjust and there is always the phone, internet, etc. It's not like you will never see them again. You just have to think positively. Consider this as time to regroup, until the next time.

    Sorry to hear about the weather turning on you..., bundle up nice and warm.