Animals Matter To Me

Another cold day It's getting old quick not sure how you people up north deal with it. Last night the shelters open up around here. Sure they will be all week this cold snap will be sticking around for least a week maybe longer. It was sad I was watching the news and seeing all the people that are homeless. Some I know choose that way of life but some didn't. I have helped at different shelters here and in the Atlanta area. I think before some people lived that way cause they had issues with drinking or drugs. Today homeless are different well some of them are anyway. The homeless drunks really get on my nerves. They could help themselves if they want to but they don't all they care about is getting that next drink. Trust me I have tried to help a few in the past but they don't want they just want a couple bucks to buy some cheap beer. Saying that I'm not saying don't stop helping please. The places that help the homeless still needs us to help them. Most could use food, blankets even old clothes you don't wear anymore they will take all that stuff. So do what you can and thank the good Lord above you have a warm place to stay some food to put in your belly and some friends that care I know I'm one of them.

I have some news but before I get to that I have to say something about what's coming to town. I did a story over the summer on John Ringling even though I did it was a history story of the Sarasota Florida area I just want to make that clear. How John got most his money I don't care for I'm talking about the circus. I don't like using the word hate much just a bad word but when it comes to Ringling Brothers Barhum & Baliey circus well I hate it! The way they use animals for entertainment is wrong and the way they treat animals they need to be stopped. I personally am asking all my readers to boycott them when they come to town. I'm not asking you to go and stand with signs but if you want you have that right. I'm just asking for you not to see there show. Me personally this weekend on the 9th I will be along with members of Peta will be standing out in front of the St. Pete Times Forum holding up signs letting this circus know that we don't like what they do to animals. Now the news got something really big happening and it has to do with this pic below. I will explain more on Thursday or Friday's post trust me it's good news.

Oh I almost forgot check out this blog it's from a guy name Travis and he is really cute and has a really good blog started now if I can get him naked hehe! All Nighter WannaBe.
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  1. elise Says:

    It may be cold in Florida, and BITTER cold here in Chicago, but that is one HOT picture!

  2. Octavius Says:

    To be honest, i'm not a fan of the circus either..., and for that very reason. Unfortunately there is not much I can do for you at this time, other than to give you moral support.

    Courage and Honour!


  3. I went last year but will not go again. I truly didn't realize alot of things about it but it was quickly pointed out to me by my readers - and you know I am an animal lover!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It is gonna be getting colder here
    the rest of the week...I can't
    take this cold...

    I try to help others when I can...
    Like you said it doesn't always
    work out...

    We don't like the circus either...
    Josh didn't like it and only went
    once...He didn't like the animal
    acts because he knew they needed
    to be in the he said
    the clowns were creepy...



  5. Cash Says:

    Im impressed dude. Very chill.

  6. ryan field Says:

    Great Post, Ryan.

    You know I'm with you.

    And, check out my blog. I'm putting up Ty's interview tonight. He's a good kid.

  7. Travis Says:

    hey. i added u on facebook. drop me a msg wen you get on next.

  8. Matt Says:

    I keep finding more things we have in common... I haven't done anything with PETA yet... But I got infuriated with the way the Miami Seaquarium treats their animals and uses them for entertainment last spring so I won't let my family go back there and have definitely tried to spread the word about them...

    Since they definitely have their three principals of conservation education and entertainment in totally the wrong order...