Not Fair

I couldn't sleep thinking about the last post I did. Your right I am wasting time on assholes and I'm not being fair to the ones that care. The ones that took the time to comment the ones that took the time to send me emails and Tyler emails. I'm not punishing the assholes I'm punishing the ones that care. I couldn't sleep thinking about this so I'm sorry ya'll deserve to hear the update on Ty. Today they took the tube out of his mouth he can breath on his own again. He can't talk to loud yet but least we can understand him. He is not liking the tube in his pecker at all he's ask me a few times to take it out. I ask the doctors if they have it in wrong or something I know when I had one it wasn't the best feeling but it didn't cause pain like Ty is saying. They check it said it was in right they gave him a shot to relax the feeling a little more. Still a long road ahead of us but I think a big part is over. Like I said in the last post he did wreck his dirt bike and when I can I will go into details how and why this happen. There is a reason and ya'll know that Ty is a excellent rider so there is more to it than just a wreck. Again I am sorry for the last post and I didn't mean to punish Ty's readers or mine I was upset that people could be so cold.

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  1. Just Says:

    No worries Ryan .. those that love you know ... you going threw hell. But thanks for given us the update . Do what you have to take care of you and Ty ... Don't like what I seen... You owe us nothing ... Just know we love you and Ty ... Freaking hate caths .... So glad Ty is feeling well enough to complain that is a awesome sign .. not glad he is feeling bad at all ... But is a damn good sign... really hurt people don't complain . Keep your head up and hang in there .... Thrilled of the news... Don't be sorry ... .....
    Go Ty Go .... Get some rest .. Ryan ( We worry about you too )
    Love Lee

  2. torchy! Says:

    Just let me know on twitter of your update on Ty. really, really glad to know he's making progress.

    i've never had a catheter in my pecker but i can imagine it's not that great a feeling.

    hope he continues to make good progress and is back to being his normal self as soon as.

    please give him my love and best wishes and your parents and extra hug.

    take care

  3. JC Says:


    You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for or guilty about. You are reacting to the raw emotions in these difficult times in your life. So, again, no need to apologize.

    I am glad to hear that Ty is making progress. Having the tube taken out of his mouth is another step along the way.

    I continue to pray for Ty's full recovery, for you to find some peace, and for your family to all come out on the other side happy and ultimately healthy.

    Keep looking forward and all will get better.

    - JC

  4. That's a really good sign if Ty can complain abou the catheter then he's definitely improving, they really are not nice things to have stuck in you.

    Stay strong and love to you, Ty and your parents.

    In my thoughts

  5. Dave83201 Says:

    What a relief to know he's on his way back to being his old self. Many prayers were answered.

  6. Dzyan Says:

    Great to know he´s coming along just fine in slow steady steps, that´s all we can wish for, thanks for the information.

    I do support Torchy!´s idea of twitter updates if they aren´t much of a burden to you. Get some sleep now, need to keep yourself healthy for your family and strong for everyone. A huge hug to everyone.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    What JUST said...No worries :)

    Honey...I'm just glad he's
    complaining...Cause just like you
    that means he's doing good...

    Remember that!

    Leslie and Josh say HI and they
    are both glad that Tyler is awake
    and they wish him a speedy
    recovery :)

    LOVES YOU!!!!!!!


  8. Ron Says:

    good to hear that the ET tube is out and that he's breathing himself again. that's great progress :) and yeah, the Foley catheter is an annoying thing -- i remember it being very irritating when the nurses check urine output, because it sorta tugs a bit and that's majorly uncomfortable.

    I hope he continues to recover well, as fast as he has been lately. Stay strong, both you and your family, and of course Tyler himself.

    As a side note, in my opinion -- if you do not want to share details of how he was injured or any facts about his current medical condition at all, it is completely up to you and the family. If you feel it's okay, so be it.

    I understand that some care and you feel that they deserve to know, but if there are details you want to keep then make sure you keep them.

    Whoever commented on that last post getting all annoyed about the 'secrecy' involved isn't thinking straight. Even doctors aren't allowed to release any information without consent from the family or patient himself. Otherwise it breaches confidentiality.

    Take care


  9. I am very glad to hear that your brother is showing signs of recovery. His breathing on his own is a great step forward.

    Now, I am not a medical doctor, but I have gone through a couple of surgeries, both times having to deal with a catheter. One of those times, it began to cause me a bit of pain and my doctors said I was beginning to develop a UI infection. Doctors don't like having people second guess them, but it wouldn't hurt to ask them to check.

    My prayers are with both you and your brother.

  10. jimm Says:

    Ryan, thanks for updating. I never lost faith in you or your family. There are plenty of reasons not to share info. The haters are jus immature sheep. They follow, they don't lead. They shout, the don't reason. You and Ty are both thinkers. That's what counts.

    Stay kool !!!

  11. oh thank god! keep it up ty you will be back to piss and vinegar in no time (your admitted temper), lol. i can't wait to read another one of your rants (and the softer side stuff too). Ryan keep up the good work as big brother bitch out the a'holes that act stupid we dont mind. love you guys. i posted the prayers request on my blog just goes to show the power of positive energy in the universe. later guys

  12. Bret Says:

    You have nothing to apologize for.

    I know you have a lot on your plate and I totally get that.

    Just take care of Ty and your family and update as you can.

    I am here for you no matter what.

  13. JerreB Says:

    Ryan, I know it is hard, but just try to ignore the people who just don't get it. Stay positive - that is what Ty, you and your family need during this time.

    It is so easy for some people to hide behind the word anonymous on a computer screen and try to bring everyone down to the bad place that they are in.

    Just know that you have an abundance of people sending good thoughts, prayers and healing vibes to Ty, you and your family.


  14. rob02190 Says:

    I'm Glad to hear that TY is doing better. I had been following both of your blogs. I was shocked to find out that he had been hurt, but I'm glad that he's coming around. I hope he make a speedy recovery.

  15. southern Says:

    It is so pleasing to hear that Ty is continuing to make progress.As with many others I really would like to thank you Ryan that even with all the problems and grief you and your family are facing, you have been kind enough to keep us all informed and I know most of us are very grateful.
    As for the haters, I don't understand them, I don't want to understand them and I never will.
    Regards Stef.

  16. Octavius Says:

    Hey Ryan...

    I have to say, in all truth, that I just have no idea why, and can't understand why people hate so much. I especially can't understand the hate you personally get. I haven't been around your blog long, but I have always found you to be a caring loving guy..., I'm really proud to you know you mate, even if it is only a little bit. Stay strong, and never change mate..., i'll be here for you..., always.

    As far as your brother..., I have to say that my heart leapt with joy when I read your last post. I had a chance to talk to him once, and have followed his blog from the beginning. He struct me instantly as a cheeky little shit, but as I grew to know him a little more, I started to really look forward to his updates. That he is awake and complaining is a definitely good sign. He is young, and healthy, I have no doubt he will bounce back in no time. He may not come back to us as a blogger, but I really hope he does.

    As for letting us know, well I understand why you have kept things quiet. It was a prudent move on the part of your father. But I really appreciate that you have given what you have. Forget what the pricks of this world say, you just do what you can, take care of you and yours, and give that boy a hug from me.

    Hope to hear from you soon...


  17. Tim in Italy Says:

    Hey Ryan, I discovered your brother's blog about 2 days before the accident. I haven't commented until now, because I felt a bit of a stranger, but now, I think every little bit helps.

    I came very close to losing my bf this summer to a motorcycle accident. Luckily, he's a lot younger than me and an avid follower of MMA so he eventually pulled through, so I know what you're going through. I think it's important for you to find someone you can unload to. That's vitally important.

    Because of our age difference, JP and I get a lot of hate mail. All I can say is delete it. Don't even bother reading it. Don't respond to it, even in passing. What these people want is attention and to know that they got to you. So, fuck 'em. Pretend they don't exist.

    I will say that for JP, while the accident and the immediate aftermath were very difficult, in some way his long recovery was worse, because, well, it's boring. So be prepared for that and think of ways to keep Ty's spirits up during the long days ahead.

    Otherwise, my thoughts go out to you, Ty and your family. You're doing a great job. Anyone of us would be very lucky to have an older brother as kind and attentive as you.

    God bless.

  18. ryan field Says:

    Hey Ryan...glad you posted more about Ty's condition. Poor kid, give him my best!!

    I understand about not being able to post everything on the blog. If you remember, I was posting about a friend of mine with AIDS and his disability insurance. I had to get a lawyer to help me, and the lawyer told me to take down all posts until a later date. So I know there are reasons why people can't post everything right away. In my case, I had to take it down.

    Besides, you're followers only care about how Ty is doing right now and that he's getting better.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    It seems like Love is a rare commodity and Hate is in abundance. In Jesus day the haters would condemn him for healing someone instead of being glad. He restored one guys eyesight and the religious right of the day called the dude in and questioned him and told him to curse the man that healed him. They asked the dude who had received his sight who it was that healed him. He told them that it was strange that they didn't know this man who could heal and were jealous of him. Jesus said not to fear any man because there is a day of reckining when each person will get what they deserve. Ryry, you will get a huge reward becuase your heart is in the right place. Hugs, Rev. Ted

  20. sillyboi Says:

    Please give tyler my love. I have been following the updates and everything. I am sorry I havent posted anything until now, but no I have bene thinking and praying for you and your family. I have been saying a daily prayer for Tyler aswell. I will continue to do so. I Head to Florida in a few weeks, and if I dont get to see you because of what you are going through I understand. just know i will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for being a friend and keeping us updated.

  21. Matt Says:
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  22. Matt Says:


    You have noting to apologize for you were just venting your frustration with some of the stupid people in this world, we all have to do that sometimes, and all of us that care about you know how stressful times like this can be.

    So glad to hear that he's slowly improving.. being out of the coma and being able to speak a bit is definitely a good sign..

    I haven't ever had to have surgery or been hospitalized since I was a baby, so I don't know how catheters feel, but I'd imagine they aren't pleasant at all...but like others have said the ability to complain about it is a sign to me that he's improving, but like someone else said doctors don't like to be second guessed, so if he keeps mentioning pain about it, definitely keep on their toes to be sure its ok, as they don't always listen to the patient the first time.

    And as I said before, the details of what happened and his condition, should totally be up to your discretion, and like Ryan said and I previously said that sometimes things can't be talked about right away, and they shouldn't always be discussed in a public forum, so don't let your bloggers pressure you into releasing information that you or your family isn't comfortable with the world knowing.

    Hugs again,

    PS.. We'll definitely have to get you boys some beach time once your both feeling back up to par, you definitely deserve it for being so loving and caring towards your brother during his time of need.

  23. Gay Star Says:

    Well done all of you - it has not been, easy but you have fought your way through. Still some more work ahead, but I know you will do it.



  24. Just Says:

    Hey Laurie working on something for Ty ... would love to email you ... want you to be included .. you can email me or contact me threw my blog.So you can stay anonymous too. So respect that ... Thanks Lee

    At and only if you want ... my email is

  25. Denny Says:

    All of this is great news - I'm glad Ty is beginning his recovery. As a dirt bike rider/enthusiast/racer/sponsor for almost 40 years, I know both the type of injuries that a rider can have and also the intense level of enthusiasm a person (in this case Tyler) can have for dirt riding. After he's all better, I'd like to know what happened - but ONLY if everyone is comfortable with talking about it. I've been out of state almost since the accident, and without internet access, so to get home tonight and hear the good news was extremely rewarding. Just be sure you get some rest now that he's doing better - with your low immune system, you need to be very careful to take care of yourself, too.
    Hang in there, both of you, and please keep us all up to date as much as possible on Tyler's progress!

  26. Hope Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I read your last post but figured I'd comment on this one.

    I agree with what you said about the dirtbags who where fucking with you.
    And im sorry. I didnt know..and your going through so much right now. You dont need that. And nor do you deserve it.

    If you have any more retards like that tell em to go to my blog and Ill set there ass straight. =p

    I'm soooo very very GLAD that he is better. I sent out texts on my fone to all my friends and had them pray. I posted it also on my blog so hopefully that worked. ^^

    Im soo happy for you guys. You must be soooo happy to talk to him. And im sure he's happy to talk too.

    And I feel sooo bad for him bout the thing thats hurting him. It sounds VERY uncomfertable...maybe he can get it out soon. >.<

    I posted in one of your other post's asking about ty cause i didnt know. and i didnt relize you werent aloud to talk about it. So im very sorry. I didnt mean to introde. Im soo grateful that you've kept me updated.

    It means the absolute world to me. Your a very good person. And a great freakin brother.=]

    Keep it up you.

    And ty I love you boy so much I hope you get to feeling ALOT better. Take your time though and heal...though i do wanna talk to you. You healing is sooo much more important. ^-^

    I'll keep praying.

    Love you all. >.< lol.


    p.s stay strong, your doing great.

  27. I just came across a post about Ty, and found my way here to your blog.

    Add me to the very long list of people who will offer a prayer for Ty, as well as for you, your family, and all those who are caring for Ty.

    The stress you all have been under, I hope has resulted in a better relationship among your family, a renewed sense of your love for your brother, and an appreciation for the thoughts and prayers and well wished from close and new friends world wide.

    Stay strong, take care of yourself, and keep being a good man - a brother, son and friend.

  28. elise Says:

    hey Sweetie---I am so proud to be in the company of your other blog friends----the comments I've read for this post are just so awesome!

    Of course I agree 100%----the priority is Tyler getting well, and focusing on positive energy and love for Ty, you, and your family. Those hateful commenters? Fuck 'em. They aren't worth any more of your time, or Mikey's, or your true, faithful blog friends.

    And Ty----keep fighting! You have such strong, loving people there to help you, and you WILL get through this! It's gonna suck for however long that takes, but don't lose hope.

    My love and prayers and hugs and positive energy goes out every day to all of you!

  29. Eirik Says:

    Ry; No worries - I think everyone understands and loves you and even maybe expects for you to lash out. Hang tough and always remember that you are loved and prayers are with you and your family.

    Love an hugs

  30. Cash Says:

    Late on the comment train, but seriously, can't wait till this is a distant memory. Wish the kid well for me dude. Hope to see you both back on here soon ish.

  31. Dean Grey Says:


    I'm glad to hear Tyler is awake and that you can understand him.

    This is progress!

    Slowly but surely he will heal!


  32. Bubby Says:

    Hey I don't know Ty, but I have pieced together kinda where you all at by reading the various blogs.

    Wishing you lots of strength, by the sounds of things he seems to be doing much better, we often forget how delicate life can be, but sounds like you got a true fighter on your hands.

    All The best.

  33. Martin Says:

    Ryan, so sorry to hear of Tyler's accident but with the support of you & Kadin & your family, I'm sure he'll be back to his old self in no time.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Come on man give us the latest..
    we are hanging here without any
    word...5 days! Give us some news.
    We know there will be a long recovery time but let us in on
    how Ty is doing...good or bad...we
    will be with you. Please tell him
    his "people" want to know !
    Thanks. He is soooo lucky to have
    a brother that will bring him back to life. That's Love.
    You shall be rewarded in your life
    for giving so much.
    Lake Placid, Florida