For the Record

Ya know I wasn't going to say anything I knew when I told Mikey to let everyone know what happen there would be haters coming out of there hiding place on the net. I told myself I would just over look it and delete it when I seen it. I know that Mikey has delete a lot of hate comments he told me so he wouldn't tell me what they said just said I didn't need to know and he was on it. Thank You Mikey for that. I have seen a couple and I said I would let it go but I can't. So let me say this first to the comment that wish it was me instead of Tyler trust me everyday I wish that I would trade spots with him in a second and wouldn't think twice about it. I know you made that comment to be hurtful and hateful but sorry it didn't work I would trade with my brother in a heart beat so he wouldn't have to go through the pain. So take your comment and stick it ok it didn't hurt me for it is the truth.

The other ask why the secrecy? I ask why the secrecy of your name hide behind anonymous. I think Mikey said it best in his comment to you. First off there is no secrecy the reason why there is no info on what happen to Tyler is he is a minor and Dad ask that I don't say anything. The only reason why I even said anything in the first place is Tyler has a lot of people that follow his blog and a lot of people that comment and I felt they deserved to know what happen. I could have just let it be and let everyone wonder what happen to him or me. I've been doing this blog way to long almost 7 years made many of friends and if I would have just stop posting they would wonder and some of them know how to get a hold of me. So secrecy is what you think I was trying to do your wrong. I could just say fuck it and walk away from this blog or even better just hit the delete button on my blog and Tyler's then you will have your secrecy. So get the fuck off my back and leave me and my family alone. If you don't like me that's fine but I'm sick and tired of the hate and the evil comments. Sorry for tying to keep inform and asking for prayers for my brother.

I had an update about Tyler but after them comment's I'm just going to keep it to myself. I may post again then again maybe I won't. I'm sorry to all of you that have gave me kind words and all or you that has support me through the years. This is the last thing I should have to deal with. For the record anonymous Tyler's accident has to do with a motorcycle. As mad as I am at you right now I hope you or your family never has to go through what mine is right now!
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  1. ryan field Says:

    Sorry you had to deal with this right now, Ryan.

    Hope Ty's feeling better :)

  2. Just Says:

    I so don't understand the hate in your time of distress ( that lower than low .. and hope will cant hope for bad things (I hope they grow) .... got nothing but love... am sorry you having to deal with this Ryan ... but there are far more people pulling for you and Ty than hate you ... ... Fuck them .... Be glad they can hide behind screens .... Know this Ryan I am still wishing nothing for the best for you and Ty .... Damn man hang in there I am so sorry don't understand why people would kick somebody that are ready down.( takes a real great person to do this ) .. I so would trade places with Ty too in a new york sec... Just bring him home ... blog or no blog just want Ty better ... Love Lee ( still keeping the light on ) You owe us nothing ... Ryan ... am so sorry ..Love Lee

  3. Just Says:

    But nothing but the best sorry was pissed ..

  4. Dzyan Says:

    I understand you being angry at assholes, specially in a time like this which is really emotional and worrisome, but there are people that don´t deserve your time, attention or anger, people talk, that´s what they do, and giving them more importance than that is just giving in to their provocations, so you should pay deaf ears to those kinda gossips. Don´t get mad, that´s what they want.

    Anyways, hope Ty gets better really soon, miss chatting to that little fellow. Best wishes to him and all your family, and a hug for you, don´t let people bring you down.


  5. Aaron Says:

    Very well said, Ryan. I've never come across such sick people on the internet nor in real life - and I hope i never have to. I think that you justifying for them is way too kind on your behalf because as much doubt as I'd like to give, sometimes I wonder what's the point of even explaining something, or anything, to these people in the first place. Are they rational enough, are they even in their right frame of mind to be reasonable?

    But back to the point, Ryan, I understand that this is a tough time for you and seriously, you didn't have to deal with this. Lots of love and hugs to you. Know that we're here thinking of you and Tyler, and if I can, I'd give you a massive, comforting, tight hug right now, Ryan.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Sweetie...I've told you before
    about the haters...They are just
    jealous of you and they want what
    you have...

    I would trade in a heartbeat with
    Tyler so he wouldn't have to go
    through all that he is...I would
    trade places with you too...My
    children are important to me...

    Forget the haters...They have no
    lives of their own...

    You take care of Tyler and call
    me then you can...

    Loves you TONS!!!!!


  7. Matt Says:

    OMG.. Ryan.. I'm so sorry that you've had to deal with this type of treatment.. No one deserves that..

    I totally understand the need for secrecy.. its non of our business what exactly happened, and it's all so fresh that it would be impossible to talk about even if you could or wanted to, and no one can make anyone do that.. and such discussions are normally best suited for private conversations between "real" friends, rather than "acquaintances"... and in person rather than posted on the net for everyone to see..

    You've said all that really needs to be said that something happened and that you, Tyler, and your family needs our love and prayers for a speedy recovery..

    People never look at the situation in reverse... as they wouldn't want the entire situation spelled out all over the net to a bunch of "stranger".. I'll use the term loosely since yea its possible to "know" someone without "knowing" them like via a blog etc but its not the same..

    Just know that there are many of us out there who are pulling for your brother to pull through as quickly as possible..


  8. Dean Grey Says:


    I'm sorry to hear some people are acting like this especially when you and your family are struggling right now.

    Just focus on your brother and your family. The rest is unimportant.