Let's Make Love

This weekend was a little rocky. Seems like just a lot of shit piled on my plate. Tyler had a set back over the weekend. I have a lot of emotions inside me going every which way. I called Kadin told him I really need him so last night while we were watching the super bowl he came in. He told me he couldn't come until today. So yes a surprise very good surprise. Last week seem like we fought every time we were on the phone with each other. All that went away when he show up. Yes some of you were reading between the lines and I heard ya but I wasn't listening. Kadin took some time off so he can be here for a little bit. I think this is what I needed things seem like they were spinning out of control. Sometimes I let something inside me take over when another part of me knows it's wrong but I remember how things were and want it again. I didn't cross the line but sure thought about it. Oh I still haven't told my friend the truth I know I need to it will more than likely destroy are friendship. I have nobody to blame but myself still it sucks but I know I have to tell the truth cause inside of me it hurts and I don't like it.

Did ya'll watch the big game yesterday? How about them Saints! There are some animals issues that's happen in the last few days that need to be brought up maybe later this week I can cover them but the one that pisses me off the most is this one. Teenage Spanish Matador Kills 6 Bulls. This is just as bad as the circus these bulls are not put here for a sport and shame on all the news outlets that consider this a sport including NBC where I got the story from. This teenager almost died from a horrific goring in Mexico in 2007 you would think that would tell this idiot this is not a game but I guess not maybe someday the bulls will get the final say. Sorry just pisses me off these Spanish people think this a sport.

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  1. Bret Says:

    I am glad he coud be there with you.

    I know things will work out in the end.

    Take care and my best to all of you

  2. Anonymous Says:

    DANG IT!!!! I was hoping to have
    Kadin to myself for a while longer
    LOL!!! Glad he's there...Y'all
    need this time together...

    The only TRUE 'bull fighters' are
    the rodeo clowns...I don't see
    them out there with anything they
    weren't born with besides their
    clothes...But hell, if you're
    gonna fight a bull then it should
    be an even battle and the person
    should have to go at it naked and
    without any weapons that he or she
    wasn't born with...I always
    go for the bull to win and I laugh
    like crazy when some stupid person
    gets a horn up their ass or in
    their leg...GO BULL!!!!!!!

    I hope that you will tell your
    friend the truth...It's always
    best to get it off your chest...

    Love and miss you!


  3. jimm Says:

    Ryan, Im a bit confused, but it sounds like you need more rest. When things are getting out of control, I focus on the most simple tasks/problems.

    SB44 was a good one!

  4. elise Says:

    Ryan sweetie---You know I'm good at reading between the lines---So I'll just say I'm glad you made a different choice, even tho I understand totally!

    Hang in there, and KEEP FIGHTING, TYLER!!!!

    love and hugs....

  5. Anonymous Says:

    As a young gay person of half Spanish heritage, I can understand your anger but you must understand that bull fighting has a long and proud history in Spanish culture.. to pit yourself against El Toro is to challenge Madre Natura herself! To outsiders it may seem cruel and perhaps to certain extent it is, however to us it represents all that is powerful and strong about the human spirit..also a mass is said to honor the spirit of El Toro and thank him for his sacrifice..while I realize that my comments wont change your mind, I hope it will give you some insight into our culture and why bull fighting is still considered a source of national pride for us.