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I been getting some emails asking why the change in my blog. Well it's like this there comes a point where I need to step back from normal blogging and putting myself out there. Maybe it took Tyler's accident to make me see this or maybe it's just years of blogging it just caught up with me. Sometimes I think bloggers need to step back and look at there blog and take a break from time to time. So I decided instead of walking away form the blog I'll use it for some good. I'm working with some animal rights groups so I decided to use the blog to help them also. I am a animal lover always been most of you know that. So for now my personal life is my personal business I hope you understand and hope you still read this blog for animal issues. Don't get me wrong from time to time I will be throwing up regular posts just won't get into family business or really private matters. Trust me if someone pisses me off I'll do a post and go crazy on them haha that's just me. If you come a cross a animal story or issue you think I should check out let me know. Also for those that want to put ads on here let me know also for animal groups it's free anyone else there is a small free just know I don't keep the money it goes right to animal causes. I just feel blogging should be fun and people who ask for money for blogging well shouldn't blog if your writing for money then write a book. I personally won't read a blog if they ask for money to keep blogging but that's just me.Later!
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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    I'm still following. Maybe I won't have so much to comment when it's not about you personally, but I still care about you.

    Also, I haven't e-mailed you to be put on the list for Tyler updates, but I certainly hope he's doing better. And I hope you'll put anything really big — like home from the hospital, back to school, or the like — on this blog.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is that a picture of a naked guy climbing a Palm tree? He should be careful he might lose his coconuts. ed

  3. Octavius Says:

    That's cool fella..., you gotta do what you gotta do. I have to say I was a little shocked at that post a little while back, I thought my country was a little better than that.

    Stay strong mate, I still care.

    Hugs, Courage and Honour!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I for one am happy...

    Loves you!


  5. Jen Says:

    Your blog is yours to do with as you see fit. I think most of us put limits on how much personal info we give. It's certainly understandable that you would not want to tell us everything.

  6. JerreB Says:

    Take all the time you need. I've found the articles very interesting, even though I couldn't bear to watch the videos. I have problems watching the ASPCA and other animal rights commercials on television.


  7. Sounds good to me. I try to stay away from things that are too personal on my blog/blogs. And sometimes taking a break like you're doing is a good thing.

    Whatever you do...I'll still be here :)