Florida Man Executed / Death Penalty

I want to talk about something been on my mind since last night. The death penalty I don't think I've ever really came out and said what I feel about it. I know I've talk about DNA and free the innocent by using DNA. I don't ever remember me saying publicly how I felt about the death penalty until now. I am all for it if there is no doubt that the person is guilty. Yesterday in Florida they put death a man that was guilty and he admitted it. The problem I have with the execution is this the man Martin Grossman sit on death row for 26 years I have to say WTF here? 26 years sitting there costing the State of Florida money this man was found guilty of killing and it took 26 years to end his life I have a problem with this.

Ok I know I am going to take a lot of shit for this and please play nice and I'll let all of the comments come through. I want your thoughts on this I do just play nice. Now let me throw this out there before you start throwing religion up the good book says an I quote and eye for an eye. Back when the bible was coming together people were killed for less so please if you throw that up least know what your saying. The Vatican even sent a letter to the Governor of Florida asking him to stop the execution. This I don't get why they even have there 2 cents in it. Back in the old days if someone was found guilty they hung them in middle of the town and didn't wait 26 years to do it.

I know it sounds a little cruel from me but I believe if you fuck up in life and along the way you killed somebody then you should have to pay with your life. With today's know how and DNA and everything else we can prove if a person is guilty or not. I know not in every crime but for the most part this works. I also believe if your found guilty by a jury and your given a death sentence then you should be put to death within a year of it not 26 years later. I know this is just one case but come on it happens all over America people sit on death row for least 20 years before there put down. Besides the way they are put down is a lot better than what they did to there victims. Now before you ask me what if it was my son first off I would hope I never have a son that turn out to be a monster but if I did and he was proven guilty then as sad as I would be I would still agree with the death penalty.

Here's the story on yesterday's execution TBO.com

Please give me your thoughts on this topic love to hear from you!
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  1. ryan field Says:

    I honestly don't know how I feel about this.

    But I always thought it might be interesting to let a murder victim's family help decide how to sentence a convicted murderer who has been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

  2. Daniel Says:

    I can't justify the death penalty, no matter how I look at it. I don't think it works as a prevention to others. If that approach worked, then countries still practising the death penalty shouldn't have to do execute people right? And using it as some sort of governmental controlled murder, as "revenge", isn't that basically the same thing as the Islamic eye for an eye-thing??

    Either way, having someone locked up for 26 years, just waiting for his execution, that's nothing but cruel and barbaric. And probably also a waste of money if you care to see it that way.


  3. naturgesetz Says:

    "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth" was a limit on acts of revenge. The rule says you can't do worse to someone who wronged you that what he did to begin with.

    And Jesus says we're not even supposed to exercise our right to equivalent revenge. "You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' But I say to you, offer no resistance to one who is evil. When someone strikes you on your right cheek, turn the other one to him as well." Matthew 5:38-39 And a few lines later he says, "But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you." Matthew 5:44

    I think the state is supposed to protect the people. This includes protecting us from violence. When people have a proven propensity for violence, they have to be locked up. And the state should do what it can to deter violence.

    If capital punishment is the only way to keep murderers from killing again, that's what we need.

    But prisons should be what they are often called — correctional facilities. There should be the maximum effort to get the prisoners to see that what they did was wrong and to want not to do it again. This goes for violent criminals as well as for non-violent ones.

    Murderers may "deserve" to be executed, but I believe that human life is sacred (even more sacred than animals), and I don't think the state should kill people if it can help it. So if a murderer seems incorrigible, then he should spend the rest of his life locked up to protect the people. But if he is sorry for what he did and the killing was under circumstances that are not likely to happen again, I think there should be a possibility of parole, so that the state doesn't have to pay to take care of someone who could safely be on his own. (I know safety is never absolute. Any one of us could go on a rampage tomorrow, but we can't all be locked up. We have to make reasonable decisions.)

    And I agree that the evidence is that capital punishment does not serve as a deterrent. (Maybe what we need is less depiction of violence in our entertainment media. But that's another issue.)

  4. As someone who lost his faith as a child I'm going to steer clear of any religious aspects of this.

    I have deep ethical misgivings when it comes to capital punishment and I consider it's abolition in the UK to be a shining moment in our history. Even with the advances in forensic science I still have doubts about the absolute reliability of a conviction.

    Having said that where capital punishment is practiced I find it beyond reason that someone could be kept on death row for 26 years. If nothing else I would have that that a "cruel and unusual punishment" by itself.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    naturegesetz quoted Jesus so I won't have to do it, thanks. What if it was a dog that killed someone? Would you say, "the poor thing didn't know what it was doing?" My belief is that anybody that kills someone did it out of insanity. It may be temporary or permanent but they need Psychological help not to be put to death. I know it is cheaper just to kill them, but what about those who have been killed and then later proven innocent? To qoute Oliver Wendell Holmes,"let a 100 guilty men go free before one innocent man be hanged". Now a bit of politics if you will allow it. Ronnie Reagan closed down the insane asylums in every state and put the patients in prison. Since that time these insane people have not recieved the help they needed. Instead they have killed fellow inmates and guards. Is this their fault? I put the blame on the one who forced them into prison instead of under a doctors care because it was cheaper. old man ed

  6. Anonymous Says:

    for a long time here we had an
    express lane for executions...
    the way i see it is if you commit
    a crime they take some of your
    DNA keep it on file and if some
    thing happens they have proof
    one way or another...if the person
    is guilty and they are sent to
    death row then they should be
    put to death the next day...



  7. Dianne Says:

    I remember well the moment Ted Bundy was executed. As a teen girl, I was ELATED about it, feeling there would be joy that such an evil would suffer and end.

    I was thinking of it as Ryan suggested solely from the victims' perspective. It wasn't justice but revenge, but there could be neither from TBs crimes of course.
    But the DP is not a tool for victims families. They are to have no more or no less say than you and I do.

    If in the case of TB victims' families could do as they please to that evil, vigilante freestyle, I'd be for that. But we are a "civilized" society so the state is to assume all the responsibility and execute it in unbiasedly and perfectly. That's where the problem begins.

    Humans... corrupt, greedy, power seeking, lying, mistaken, fallible, error prone and evil HUMANS are running the investigations, prosecutions, "corrections" and executions.

    Could someone kindly explain to me how people are OK with a corrupt gov't running all of this? That's the main reason to oppose the DP. Who will guard the guards? As we know in FL there are at least 25 exonerees, a staggering stat that should horrify residents.

    The only reason for DP would be to stop a killer houdini, period. When did Martin try to escape, never. Corrections and enforcement failed yesterday.

    Btw, as mentioned DP is long dead as a deterrent. State stats actually prove the opposite, possibly illustrating that these sick killers want to be put out of their psycho misery.

    Decades later, there is no joy after TB is gone and there are still no answers. But there are still more Ted Bundys. No progress, that's a fact. I agree completely with above poster about every killer is psychologically sick and out of their mind, that's the only way a human (made in God's image and to do good) could kill.

    Martin's in infinite peace and joy b/c he was contrite and repented. Crist and clemency board members killed themselves more than they ever did Martin yesterday.

    (Scary sidenote... TB had conjugal visits resulting in children while on DP and that was done while corrupt guards were paid off to hold up newspapers.)

  8. jimm Says:

    the old west prolly hung a lot of innocents. And jus for stealing a horse. Yeah, steal my truck, then hang from the end of a rope!

    How about gays sentenced to death for being gay in arab countrys? Not so funny, huh?

    Truth is, ive flipflopped on the death penalty issue several times. I lean more towards a lifetime of solitary confinement. I think thats what Charlie Manson is doing. not sure.

    i hate isolation.