American Idol 2010

Sorry for being late with my American Idol post this year but I haven't been into like before. Yes I'm watching it but I don't know just not into it. Anyway let me talk about it and the contestants first off I miss Paula sorry she brought her own thing to the show and as much as I love Ellen she not Paula and that Kara omg that bitch needs to go back where she came from I can't stand her. With Simon leaving after this season I don't see the show making it. I'm sure it will be back next year but after that I don't think so. Ok let me talk about the contestants. The girls first and I know I'll get some shit over this but that's who I am. Crystal Bowersox I don't get I don't understand why Idol is kissing her ass I don't think she is that and don't care for her voice. All the girls in it this year kinda suck if you ask me and don't have a chance to win it. But if I had to pick one girl out of all them I would have to pick Lacey Brown. Other than that the girls suck have nothing else to say about them.The boys now they got rid of 4 of them they have a good group. Honest they ones that are left are cute in there own way and they can sing. Tonight it will be hard to see two of them go I wouldn't know what two I would want to see go. I guess I would pick Casey and Andrew to go tonight but saying that it's hard to send them two home. I just feel the guys are better this year and should win. Alex Lambert little Texas cutie with a voice like nobody else and Laurie my Texas Mom knows him personally Alex went to the school where she works so Mom how about hooking me up with his digits haha. Aaron Kelly what can I say heartbreaker damn! Lee I think also another cutie great eyes. Tim Urban needs a haircut and I would leave Kadin for him haha that boy is wow! But with all the hotness there if I pick a winner out of the boys it's Big Mike!People tell me I should try out for Idol shit I don't know. Maybe I should throw up a song on here and you can tell me what you think. I could email it to you also maybe that would be easier. Anyway still didn't get to the Nascar post dammit!

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  1. ryan field Says:

    I'm not thrilled with anything about this season. Without Paula, the chemistry isn't there anymore.

    I'm still watching, but if there were something better on, I wouldn't be.

  2. sillyboi Says:

    hey Ry: How are you. I have to admit i havent watched American Idol. But yea send me a song i wanna hear ya sing. I am sure you sound good. Anyway i will talk to you soon..

  3. A Lewis Says:

    I'm having naughty fantasies about Tim Urban and Casey James. Does that surprise you?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    LOL! Alex is a little cutie ain't
    he...Every Tuesday and Wednesday
    Tex's Star Grill on Rufe Snow has
    an American Idol watching party...
    I was so glad Alex went on second
    last night cause I watched him and
    changed the channel...K I really
    changed it AFTER Tim sang...But
    I fell asleep and didn't wake till
    9:30 so I called and voted for my

    We all do love to hear him sing...
    He's a great young man and totally
    deserves this :)

    Thank you for the shout out for
    him :)

    LOVES YOU!!!!!


    ps. I will do my best to get you
    his digits...

  5. Anonymous Says:

    OH I totally forgot that the
    schools website mentions him :)
    so if anybody doesn't believe that
    he does go to the school that I
    work at they can check it out...

    and they click on SCHOOLS and go
    down the page to HIGH and click on
    the RICHLAND HIGH website page :)
    It is on the front page :)

    LOVES YOU!!!


  6. Octavius Says:

    I know I would like to hear it..., I may even watch if you got on there.

    Hugs, Courage and Honour!


  7. Planetx_123 Says:

    Yes I like Adam for many reasons-- I like that he's not cocky and he just has an amazing voice. I wasn't a fan of Big Mike until last night. That song he did last night just blew me away. Awesome.

    Aaron Kelly is just adorable... I mean super cute, like a box of kittens :-) And his voice is great, but last night didn't wow me.

    You def should post something of your singing. Who doesn't like to judge :-) I can't sing well, but I play piano, so I have the ear to hear pitch well-- just my range is very small :-/


  8. ryan field Says:

    I swiped a Tim Urban photo from this post, but I gave you full credit and I'm linking to you in the post.

  9. I started watching the show they had their first 21 finalists and I kind of lost interest in the show this season. Most likely I will hate to wait until they are in the top 12 or somewhere later on in the show when the show actually becomes a competition instead of the bullshit that is going on now.

    Should you try out for American Idol? I honestly don't know but I will let you know that it is ROUGH. I myself have been through the auditions and was amazed at how many amazing singers didn't make it through. You just have to remind yourself Ryan that the show is half reality show/ half talent show.

    Not alot of cute guys this season which kind of sucks because, cute boys sort of get me into watching the show. Or if they have a really damn good singer then that will do it. I spend most of my time watching Idol on internet recaps because I just dont have the time to sit down and watch Idol.

    If your interested in Idol Ryan, I can defintely let you know what goes on in the actual comepetitions. Well atleast the first round of auditions. By the way, there are like 5 or 8 auditions before you even make it onto hollywood week (live show). Since you live close by, why dont you go try out for the american idol experience at Disney?

    Hope everything is well and I hope you and lover boy are doing good.

    Hit me up sometime beautiful