Not feeling well shit this is all I need!
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  1. Travis Says:

    i hope you feel better.

    i am feeling blah, and a lil pissed, thanks to friends backing out the day before my bday party.
    gotta go find a new place to party.


  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Oh no!

    Take the best care of yourself that you can. Nip it in the bud if at all possible.

  3. ittyK Says:

    Hope you feel better!

  4. Get well soon

  5. Octavius Says:

    Hope it's not too bad there chap. Get some rest.


  6. Bret Says:

    Hope you feel better, been trying to get over a cold for two weeks.

  7. elise Says:

    Pleeeeaaaase follow every single suggestion from your mom, Kadin and your doctors, even if you HATE doing or not doing something they advise!!!

    You know you don't want to let this get out of hand, and land you in the hospital!

    ok, I'm done nagging now.

    sending love and hugs and virtual chicken soup...

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry Sweetie :( I loves you and
    I wish you better!!!

    Love ALWAYS!


  9. duffmanrules Says:

    Take care Ryan. I'm keeping you in my thoughts.


  10. Hey ryan,

    I know how ya feel buddy. I have been feeling like shit for about a month now. Get better and I hope your doing ok big man. Check out my blog once in awhile. Im still alive here ^_^.

    Hope everything is well with you and the hubby. Stay safe ^_^