Thought I would just do and update post on some things I talked about in other posts. First my gay cousin my Mom got a hold of him finally and offer him a place to stay. She went on to tell him nobody would judge him and he could be whoever he wanted to be. His reply to my Mom was he didn't need her help and for her to butt out of his business. He had so other things to say about us and finally hung up on my Mom. I knew it was going to happen but my Mom just had to try that the way she is but now I hope ya'll can see why I was so happy when I found out that he was gay so it's on them and I'm just glad I don't have to deal with them people.

I had some plans this week some of you knew about but had to cancel them. I just haven't felt good not 100% so Mom & Kadin talked me out of the plans. Now I think about it I think its for the best I really need to rest and not get sick end up in the hospital. Mom is making plans for Easter and she don't need me sick. Tyler is doing great and will be able to come home for a few hours Easter so I really don't want to be sick I want to be here for him. Mom is super happy were all going to be together so the plans can wait until another time. Sorry I know how ya'll hate when I leave out shit but it's for the best this time. Oh one last thing I was called a fake on facebook Sunday. After blogging for damn near 8 years now this still happens. It's funny to me really if I was feeling 100% I might be pissed about it. Whatever some of you know me personally and others have know me by blogging for 8 years I'm sure if I was a fake I couldn't keep this blog up that long. Hater got to love them!

For those that wonder if I'm gonna post or say something about Ricky Martin coming out why bother we already knew he was right?

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  1. Ryan
    Your joy at your cousin's "downfall" is not only understandable it's now justified and your Mum certainly doesn't need that sort of treatment. I guess some folk just don't want to be helped. Stay clear of it, you definitely don't need the grief.

    I'm really sorry to hear that you're still not feeling good but cancelling your plans makes a lot of sense especially with Ty coming home for a few hours, that's fantastic news!

    As for the Facebook thing, let the petty little haters have their fun, they're not worth a response and Ricky martin?, well that's hardly news is it?


  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Your cousin's reaction sounds strange, but then people are funny. Maybe he's trying to convince himself he isn't really gay.

    Glad you're taking care of your health.

  3. elise Says:

    Well, sweetie, you know I'm gonna urge you to follow all Mom & Kadin & doctor's orders 100%, so you can get past whatever illness you have right now!

    It's wonderful that Tyler should able to spend a little time at home on Easter.

    As for your cousin---sad to hear that he so rudely rejected the loving offer by your family. He obviously has some big issues to deal with, which have messed with his head. Hope he gets the help he needs.

    hugs to all....

  4. Just Says:

    lol got to say Ryan ... lmao .. you the best fake person I know .. god some people.. anyway.. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF lol yeah you heard me .. REST please. Was wondering about that . Sorry not around as much , still trying to get things going ... but doing good. Btw post what you want we are here for you, those that know you for a little while know... and here because we like you. Not because what you do or don't post. Lol I do miss the rants damn it ... anyway... Hope Yall have a great Easter( I did see Ty up and walking ) .... Rest damn it

  5. Bret Says:

    I am glad you are going to be getting some rest.

    I am also glad Ty will get some at home time this weekend!!

    Have a great day and yeah no shock on Ricky.

  6. ryan field Says:

    Hope you feel better.

    I agree about Ricky Martin.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I knew your mom would try...
    She is an awesome woman and what
    a true mom is...She'll always have
    her heart open to your cousin...I
    know it...

    So glad Tyler is gonna get to
    come home for a while...It's gonna
    make him work harder to get better
    so he can be home for good...

    LOVES YOU!!!!


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Ricky Martin better be gay who do you think bought all of those cd's? He sure can shake it. So Ryry, those who think you are fake, what do they think you are a disney character? Kadin's in love with a man not a manikin! You take care of yourself. What is Reed doing these days? I look for his name but it seems to be missing in the line-up. Mr. Kenseth is going to win soon I can feel it. Tell Tyler to keep up the PT and get better too. Hugs, Ed

  9. jimm Says:

    Fake or not, you sure bring forth a lot of interesting issues!

    About your cousin, i can't find happiness in his sorrow. And the fact he can't bring himself to accept helps means he has pushed himself closer to his emotional limits. It's good for your Mom to keep in touch.

    Yay Tyler!!!