What A Friend

It's funny you know a person for years and never think that they man be evil inside. I have or I should say I had a friend that I met in 7th grade I thought was a really great friend but Saturday I found out he really wasn't. Me & Kadin and this friend I will call him Dick was up visiting Tyler and I started feeling funny. Kadin said I turn pale I told him I wasn't feeling good I thought I was going to throw up. Kadin said maybe we should head back to the house and I agree I was feeling rough. I told Tyler and he was ok with it so off we went back to the house. I told Kadin I was gonna lay down for a bit see if I got better. I told him him and dick should go get some lunch Mom was here if I needed anything. He didn't really want I could tell but he did I think because dick was in town just for a few days and he knew I was friends with him so I think Kadin went just as a favor for me.

Well I didn't find out until yesterday morning that dick came onto Kadin. Not only came on to him but tired to kiss him and tried to get him to go all the way with him. When Kadin told him no a few times and ended pushing him to stop him from trying he got it. Then he told Kadin he was sorry and that I didn't need to know that he tired something. He told Kadin no reason Ryan has to know and get him all upset. Kadin told him he didn't play that and he was going to tell me. When Kadin told me I was so mad still am course I called him but he didn't answer I left a message he didn't call back. He sent me an email and said he was sorry didn't know why he did it. I guess I'm suppose to forgive him I think not yeah I flirt a lot but I know the difference and Kadin trust me I would never mess around on Kadin unless he was involved also. I know I would never mess with someone's boyfriend and if it was a friend totally not. I think what he did was so uncool and I'm thinking he never really was a friend.

4 Responses
  1. Bret Says:

    I agree that it was very wrong of him to do that to you and Kadin.

    I dont get what some people are thinking at time...I guess with the wrong head.

    Hope your feeling better!!!!

  2. Ryan
    In my book you've got every right to be angry and clearly "Dick" never was that much of a friend if he thought he could come on to Kadin and then suggest that you don't need to know.

    I don't see why you should forgive him frankly


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ya gotta remember that Kadin is
    REALLY hot...And I don't mean just
    the run of the mill hot...I mean
    OH HOLY NIGHT HOT!!!! So ya gotta
    take your friend coming on to him
    as a compliment...Nothing happened
    and nothing is gonna happen so just
    let it drop and be flattered that
    this person thinks your man is just
    as hot as I do...I mean as YOU do
    yeah...That's what I meant...Yeah..
    yeah...k...I'll shut up now...

    LOVES YOU!!!!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I've been hurt by my fellow man many times but believe me when it is a "friend" it hurts twice as much and evokes great anger. Know that "dick" can't be trusted and keep him at arms length but try not to harbor anger inside because it will make you sick. I'm so sorry this happened. Ed