Boy Scouts Hit With $1M Verdict in Sex Abuse Suit

Ya know karma is a bitch and when it happens to people that had it coming it makes me happy. I know I shouldn't be happy when something happens to someone but in this case I am. Boy Scouts of America had it coming to them and I couldn't be happier. See the boys scouts really no different than the catholic church as far as trying to cover up the sexual abuse on boys. They sit on there high horse and point fingers and kick out openly gay members and talk down about gays and all this time there hiding the fact that there adult leaders are having a free for all with the boys. Must be like an all you can eat buffet to these pedophiles. Yet they want to blame the gay people when most gay men have no feelings for kids. I personally don't understand how anybody can look at a 8 year old boy and find something sexual I think I can speak for most gay men here and say I want something that works!Best part about this story is that it Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was throw under the bus also. They were guilty in this case also and already settled. Why they do that well it's easy they didn't want the press all over them. This also is another group of haters and they time and time again have proved how fucked they are and will go to any means to hurt gays. Hell from what I have read Maria Osmond son kill himself cause he was gay and they Osmond's being Mormon's broke him so bad that killing his self was the only way out so he thought. Anyway click the links read them enjoy them as much as I did. Anytime a hate group like these get punched in the face I love it. I think them paying up the boy scouts that is will take some time they plan on an appeal but to me just them losing is winning to me.
Boy Scouts Hit With $1M Verdict in Sex Abuse Suit

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  1. Planetx_123 Says:

    Good post- and I couldn't agree more. I hate the fact that news outlets say things like "gay sex abuse". It blurs this line between pedos and gay people-- which couldn't be farther from the truth. I think 99% of the population-- gay or straight-- doesn't see anything sexual in people before they are mature-- this is normal of course. But the fact that they keep throwing gay in there just gets the people from the square states all confused to think all gay people are pedos. ARGGGGHHHHHH

    Yep and the Osmond story is terrible. The only silver lining (and there isn't silver lining to someone's death) but to show the hypocrisy of terrible hateful organizations like the mormons might resonate with someone out there.


  2. ryan field Says:

    Good post, Ryan. I like Karma too.

  3. Marco Says:

    speaking from experience i was in the scouts for about 2 months until it got to touchy feely by a scout master and even a few of the older boys who no doubt he had messed with. then i made it clear to my parents i didnt like the scouts and got out of it. never did tell on anyone just kept it to myself

  4. Really great post, Ryan. Karma is just so beautiful and I think we can all forgive ourselves for enjoying the moment when it catches up with these evil people.

    @Marco Those of us who've stayed silent about abuse (and I'm one) are all too many but it does seem like the right thing to do at the time doesn't it?


  5. Diederick Says:

    I think there shouldn't be a place for under-the-table settling in systems of justice. It may be a win-win situation at times for both victim and villain, but the exposure is important to prevent new naughty stuff from happening, so society is not served by keeping crime hidden.