BP Tries to Shift Blame for Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Just like a big company trying to shift the blame. BP now is trying to shift the blame onto a Swiss company who owns the platform. This Swiss company leased the platform to BP. Now I don't know about ya'll but if I lease something then I'm responsible for it right? I lease a new chevy and I take that car can go run down 5 people then it's my fault not chevy's fault right? If I lease something then I need to make damn sure it's safe if I find it's not then I go back to the people I lease it from and say hey fix it or forget it. Am I wrong on this? Also how come nobody has said much of nothing about the 11 people that died on this rig huh? What about them somebody somewhere loves them and will never see them again how about something on them.
Gordon Jones, 28
Aaron Dale Burkeen, 37
Karl Kleppinger Jr., 38
Dewey Revette, 48
Shane Roshto, 22
Donald Clark, 49
Stephen Curtis, 40
Blair Manuel, 56
Adam Weise, 24
Roy Wyatt Kemp, 27
Jason Anderson

I know if you don't live in the area your thinking it won't bother me or you can't see it from your front door. Trust me you will feel it in your wallet trust me you will. So if you can't do anything to help at least don't buy any gas from BP or Shell. If enough Americans stop use them they will see that were pissed about this. Also it won't kill you to call your local congressman or senator and tell them no more off shore drilling.

Just want to hit on this a brief second yes Tyler decided he didn't want to blog anymore. He's not mad nobody said anything to him. He decided he didn't want to share his life anymore. So please I ask give him his space and just let him be. Maybe he will decide later to blog again but if not just understand his wishes. Thanks!

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  1. ryan field Says:

    It's always so typical...shift the blame.

  2. Hope Says:

    Hey you!!! =D

    It's good to see your alive and well. ^^

    I had no clue that, that was going on. That's terrible and very sad. Im sure there is people out there who do love them and are truly sad.

    It's dumb that they tryed to blame other things. >.< They should just stop!!

    And I dont think your wrong at all. I agree.

    I didnt know ty stoped his blog. I just saw a post a few days ago...Maybe i missed it if he said something about being done...>.<

    Tell him I love him and hope everything goes well for him, and we'll be waiting for him if he wants to blog.


    Well have a lovely day. XD

    Lovez ya,