Oil Spill in the Gulf

Ok this is why they don't need to drill more damn oil wells in the gulf of mexico. A freaken spill that's going to be the worse ever in United States. Man this pisses me off in so many ways I don't know where to start. I guess let me start by saying I live on the gulf coast and as much that's leaking out there won't be long before it hits the Tampa area. Last thing I want to see is this crap on the beautiful beaches of Florida. Next the sea animals look at what's it doing to them there already washing on the beaches. Then there the people there putting out of work. BP says it will pay "all necessary and appropriate clean-up costs" resulting from the blown-out oil well that has caused a massive slick that continues to swell in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hey BP what about the animals that this slick is killing how you going to pay them back huh? People this pisses me off so bad and there's nothing we can do about it and they still haven't stop the oil from leaking yet. The damage this is going to do is not just a few month deal this is going to last for years. Off shore drilling needs to stop these politicians need to stand up and listen to the people of the gulf coast as well as other coasts we don't want off shore drilling and we want the rigs out there to stop. How many oil spills is it going to take? How many sea animals have to die? How much oil has to wash up on shore? Call your congress person your senators and tell them. I'm not sure where to send you if you want to help I found a couple links and always give what you can to help thanks!

Defenders of Wildlife
2 Responses
  1. Chris Pitman Says:

    ryan it pisses me off just as much being as i live in pensacola we will see it months before it even gets close to tampa.....its going to be bad and i hate it so much but theres no use blameing the companies all we can do is do what we can and clean it up

  2. jimm Says:

    Lets all stop driving. And give up plastic. And just about anything 'synthetic.'

    Go here:http://www.endoil.org/site/c.ddJGKNNnFmG/b.4090055/k.9C17/Uses_of_Oil.htm

    This really sucks. Its a lifetime 'game changer.' This event could potentially rival Chernobyl as the all-time worst man-made disaster.