Checking In

Seems its been a long time since i posted anything. Just wanted to give everyone an update my grandpa is hanging in and things are looking better. Not sure how long I'll be here but I need to be for Dad & Grandpas. I sure ya'll remember when my Grandma passed away on my Mom's side and I didn't make it back in time to see her and say goodbye it still bothers me so much that I didn't get there in time. I want to be here just incase I don't think I can handle it if I didn't get to say my thoughts. Everyday I think of my Grandma and hope she knows how much I love her and miss her even though I didn't get to tell her one last time. Damn now I am getting all teary eyed. The weather sucks here and the people also. I've never met so mean and hateful people in my life. One good thing is the lady at the coffee shop did order me in some folders coffee so that one good thing I got going for me. Well I just wanted to give ya'll a little something don't want anyone to forget me like I would let you! Miss Ya'll over there in the States!Later!
5 Responses
  1. elise Says:

    So glad to hear from you, Ryan! I hope you are taking care of yourself--you sure don't want to get sick so far from home!

    Best wishes to Grandpa, and love and hugs to all......

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I can smell that folders coffee from here. I think the English might just be mad because their ancestors didn't get on a ship headed for the states many years ago and now they are stuck on that rainy, foggy rock bound coast feeling worse than the cast of Lost. Get well soon Grandpa! Ted

  3. So you're in Britain right now, believe me, there are a lot of nice people too, you just have to find them. All the best for you, it's impressive what a caring soul you are.

  4. ryan field Says:

    Glad you're doing okay...hope ur grandpa is doing better.

    Hope you meet some nice people over there. I did when I was there...especially one really nice guy :))

  5. David Says:

    Glad you are ok Ryan, sorry that you miss your Grandma so much, sounds as if you had a really special relationship.