Mexican Idiot

Normally when it comes to other bloggers I am open minded and let people say what they want even if I don't agree. But when a blogger talks down America or American Soldiers well that won't fly with me. This blogger David I read from time to time most the time I can't understand what he's saying but that don't matter really. Today being bored I peeked in on his blog and well he has my blood a pumping. There's a video on there and watch it please that suppose to be a American Soldier making fun of a couple Iraqi kids. It stated that there was no proof it's an American Soldier but David want's to assume it is and he want's to turn it into a gay thing. Even if it's really a American Soldier I'm not saying it's right but I'm not going to sit back and listen to a Mexican trash my Country or the Soldiers that defend her. So I'm asking you my readers and my follow American's to go over check it out and tell him that the hatred he claims that soldier is doing is no different than what he is doing. Lord don't get me started on name calling cause I got a mouth full that wan't to come out! Isn't it funny of all days he picks to put this post up Memorial Day.
I'm Proud To Be An American!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    yeah, kid... I've followed David's blog for a long time now, and have supported him with comments over that time, because he is basically, just a gay kid, trying to find his way through life, like I was, at his age, or, you are... I posted the final part of a series that was very important to me, since it spoke to relevant issues from my childhood and into my adult life, and, was related to my military service... I wanted to post the final part, on Memorial Day, because it would be a way to honor a fallen soldier, that I loved and that died for me, and David, as well...

    His posting hurts me in my heart, but, I don't think that he thought it out, as carefully as you might expect... At least, I hope not.... He is an idealistic, and religious kid, with little real life exposure to the types of things that I speak of, and I am hopeful that he will publish the comment I left, quite some time ago, about his post, and even go and read the postings on my blog that speak about the significance of Memorial Day to me, and millions of other people... those that served, as well as those that didn't, but understand what it really means... Please don't judge him, Ryan, until he speaks to this issue, like I hope that he will, soon... luv, tman<3

  2. ryan field Says:

    Hey Ryan...I don't follow this blog, but when I saw the video was from CNN my red flag went up right away. I don't find objective reporting on CNN, so I don't take anything they say very seriously.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I don't think the boy means to
    sound like he does...I can see
    where he may think the soilder is
    homophobic but the boy must also
    remember that the soilder is
    talking to two young boys who
    probably have no clue as to what
    he is saying...The soilder is just
    having 'fun' (not that it's right)
    at the expence of a couple of kids
    who are just going by the tone of
    speech by the soilder...They
    seem to understand very little...
    You can sway an opinion by just
    saying 'yeah' or 'no' over and
    over again to a child...
    So with the soilder saying 'yeah'
    the boys think they should agree...

    MISS YOU!!!!



  4. naturgesetz Says:

    David's an American, not a Mexican. He has as much right to criticize the actions of the person who is heard on this video as you do.

    It was poor judgment for him to post it this on Memorial Day.

  5. jimm Says:

    The vid seems to mimic an HBO series/book called 'Generation Kill.' So, the vid is nothing original.

    I'd be more interested in a court-martial for the vids owner, rather than burn David for bringing it to our attention.

    jus my opin.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I am one of the biggest critics of American foreign policy, that you can imagine, when the result is the deaths of our fine soldiers, and the policy is flawed...

    There is, however, a HUGE difference between policy and the sacrifice of the soldiers that are sworn to implement the military campaigns around that policy... Memorial Day is a remembrance of that sacrifice, and the criticism of ONE American soldier, would have been best left for another day... It is the poorest of timing on David's part... Yeah, I would be the 1st to defend his free right to speech- I pledged that in the oath that I took as a soldier, but, free speech has consequences, especially when it seems insulting in content or timing... David is very young, and needs more time on this earth to understand the hurt that his poor timing created.

    In my 1st comment, I also failed to defend him better for another reason, which I regret... Ryan, I know that you spoke out of anger and passion, when you wrote this post... I doubt that you would have questioned his nationality, otherwise... I should tell you, that I served with honorable people from all ethnic groups, and really, that approach to correcting a perceived wrong, (insulting someone) is a poor approach, and only clouds the issue.... I know that your motives were pure, but, let's not use inappropriate stereotypes to inflict hurt... That only worsens the chances to resolve the disagreement. Thanks, kid... luv, tman<3

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan it's been a while since I've commented here. My thoughts are much the same as the others here that have commented.
    It dosen't matter if this person on the vid is a solder or American what he did was wrong and he should wear the consequenses of it.
    You have seen it heaps of times yourself - a bad egg can come from any country or proffesion, it just hurts more when it is your country or proffesion they come from, but most people are sensible enough to not generalize knowing that the good people in those country and proffesion's far out number these few idiots.
    I just think David's timming was bad - not his sentiment.
    Regards Stef

  8. Anonymous Says:

    David may be wrong but Ryan from over here in England you sound like a nationalist. It's OK to love your country but you do sound a bit over the top you know?

    There's two sides to every issue. Maybe your maturity should let you see them both.

    Oh and BTW our blogs would be pretty anodyne if nobody every blogged anything controversial!

  9. Ryan
    I have to echo Micky here. I think that a balanced view is needed before everything descends into hatred.

    I think we'd be a lot poorer if there were no controversial bloggers around.