Fightin Side Of Me

I want to clear a few things up about yesterdays post. First off I wasn't dissing Mexicans I want to make that clear. I title the post Mexican Idiot only for the reason David title his post American Idiot. I don't like to think I pick on any race I may have overstep sometimes but I'm gay ok I think I can cause the Good Lord knows I'm picked on all the time for being different. Saying that is no excuse for dissing on anybody and I don't feel I was. Let me explain a little more first off I am 100% supportive of the troops always have been always will be. I am also behind my Country even if I don't agree with it all the time I don't agree with the Iraq war never did and I've posted about it but I'm still behind the troops no matter what.So when I see something on Memorial Day of all days running down my country and my troops yeah it pisses me off and I'm sorry I'm not going to sit back and not say something.His age has no meaning in what he did I'm sorry he's the same age as my brother and you don't hear hate coming from him toward another country. Another thing I have issues with is David not maning up and publishing my comments I let comments go thru my blog good or bad only time I delete a comment is if it's filled with hate. It's his blog he can do what he wants but it shows to me what a chicken shit he is for not debating the topic if someone calls me out I am open for debate as long as it clean hurts nobody and has nothing to do with hate. All I know is this if you don't like me doing a post on you then don't run down my country or its people or the troops that fight for her!

Thanks Mike for the video Idea!

Your thoughts are always welcome!

It seems David has remove the post in question. Would love to know why did he do it because of the heat he was getting or did he remove it cause he knew it was wrong. David feel free to comment here and let us know why. I still stand behind my posts I know they seem hard but I stand behind what I said!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Honey...Don't let it get under
    your skin...He could have also
    just named that post that cause
    of the GREEN DAY song...It wasn't
    right but you do have to see that
    he is only 16 (or so it says) and
    you were that age once too...
    Don't let it bother you...Be
    proud to be American and be proud
    to support the troops...That is
    all you can do cause people will
    always differ in opionins...



  2. Anonymous Says:

    Our brave soldiers do what they are trained to do without asking why. They follow orders even if those orders are wrong. I admire them and they are heroes.
    Alfred Tennyson wrote a poem titled: The Charge of the Light Brigade...Forward the Light Brigade! was there a man dismayed? Not tho' the soldiers knew
    Someone had blundered: Theirs not to make reply, theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die: Into the valley of death rode the six hundred... Ted

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan Laurie said it David is only 16 and at that age it is very easy to feel intimidated by older people - I know I was.
    Isn't it more of a coward act to hide behind a uniform and a country to say what he did to those children.I would be me angry with him than for bringing discredit to uniform and country than the person that pointed out this guys stupidity.
    Regards Stef

  4. ryan field Says:

    I've taken posts down before for different reasons. It's hard to know what any blogger is thinking. Maybe he just changed his mind?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan... David sent me a very thoughtful email and told me that he was not trying to dishonor American troops on Memorial Day... Nonetheless, he apologized to me, and is confused about the reaction that he received... his intent was to simply bring to light the abuse of the 2 children... I believe him. I accepted his apology... I hope that everyone else will, also... His timing was poor, his intentions were pure...

    Please remember that he is only 16... The video really got to him, because of the age of the kids, and the gay slur by the soldier... You responded in much the same way- you led with your heart... I wouldn't normally defend a blogger like this, but, I think I have a pretty good insight into who David is... He has a good heart, just like you, Ryan, and he also respects people... He tries hard, to help others, and, I really believe that in this case, he simply didn't understand that he was offending people with the post... That's why he took it down...

    I said some things to him yesterday, that I should not have, and have apologized as well... He's just a kid, and still learning; I really don't have an excuse!! lol Please, can we just put this behind us?? thanks, kid!! luv, tman<3hugs2

  6. Cash Says:

    Yo dude, though I'm positive you didn't mean to diss or put down a group of people or a particular culture, I can see why some people would be a little annoyed with the way your response was worded. Much like in the way tman says David's " intent was to simply bring to light the abuse of the 2 children" that too annoyed certain people, myself included. To each their own you know, but tact is a tricky thing.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    just coz david pointed out the idiot doesnt mean he is bashing the united states. you need to get off your high horse and stop trying to pretend your the great defender of the united states. all you are is a spoiled rich kid who never grew up and jumping on david your acting like your in grade school. grow the fuck up dude and get a real job instead of one where you can be the pervert that you are and massaging guys just so you can get your dick hard.