Dad, Pub, Beer and Stevie Nicks

After visiting hours were over last night at the hospital Dad said why don't we stop at that little pub by the motel room and have a drink. I was shocked somewhat not that Dad drinks that he wanted to stop at a pub. He always tells me nothing wrong with drinking but do it at home you don't get into trouble that way unless your a redneck or apart of my Mom's hillbilly family that's another story. Anyway we had the taxi driver stop at the pub and inside we went. Nice little pub kinda throwback feel to it like the lost 80's or something. We sat down at the bar and Dad order us a couple beers.

I have to admit that beer tasted good and went down so smooth and quick wasn't long I was ready for another. So Dad order another round and someone started up the jukebox. Some good ole 80's music coming out of them speakers a voice I heard before but really didn't pay that much mind to her before. Anyway before I get into that me and Dad had a few more and started talking more than we have in forever. (funny how alcohol does that to people) He told me things I was needing to hear from him but been a while since he told me. He also said something's I didn't want to hear but he needed to say them.

He told me that I needed to grow up and get a real job. I don't disagree with him on that but I find working for humane society and peta is a real job. So I don't get crazy paid from them but it's something I like. He also told me how much he likes Kadin and thinks he's the right guy for me. I think he likes Kadin cause Kadin agrees with him most the time and there so much a like when it comes to money. Though he did tell me how much he loved me and was proud of me for standing up for things I believe in. Kinda got sappy the more we drank but it was a great time. Now the lady coming out the jukebox Stevie Nicks wow what a voice I never notice before but she should be right up there with all the other Divas she can belt out some songs I like it!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think that's great having that time with your Dad and doing all that talking. I never had such a talk with my Dad while he was alive. I think we both would have benefited from it.

    Having a job you like is a nice thing but sometimes you have to face reality: you must earn a reasonable living. Compromises have to be made.

    I like the singer.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan... just stopping by to see how you're doing, and read your latest post... I have to say that IMHO you are very fortunate to have the dad that you do... My dad is 85 years old, and in declining health. He's OK, but, not getting any younger, as they say.. The last time he referred to gay people, I think he used the phrase 'those fags', or something along those lines... you get the idea, though... There was a time, way back, when I agonized over coming out to him and mom, but, that was then... I really don't care any longer... Let him have his illusions about me. I can't imagine what he thinks I am... He says that he's proud of me (in b'day cards, etc.), but, who knows what would happen if I hit him over the head with the truth... Frankly, he doesn't deserve the truth.
    So, you're real lucky to have a dad that you can talk to, about such fundamental, and important things in your life...
    I've read back through some of your blog, and find it heartfelt and interesting. I haven't gone as far back as I should... perhaps with time...
    Well, keep writing! I'll be back, if you don't mind... luv, tman<3

  3. Ron Says:

    it sounds like your father's a pretty cool guy.. and yes alcohol makes most people much more talkative and social..

    but it's nice to hear that he accepts you for who you are. my parents don't know and won't like it if i told them but then it's not like i have a bf or anything so my situation doesn't matter the slightest bit.

    And yeah when it comes to what you want to do with life, in terms of a career, just go for what you enjoy the most, whatever that may be.. i wouldn't necessarily take in -too- many of what others think you -should- be.


  4. jimm Says:

    I never learned to set little step-goals in order to reach my big goal. It's weird, the things you miss, when you can't hear everything.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    My grandpa used to get drunk and beat my grandma so my dad would not allow any alcohol around and never took a drink himself. He never told me he loved me but I think he did. Maybe if he had taken a few drinks he would have been able to show his feelings.
    Stevie Nicks was a memeber of Fleetwood Mac my favorite group when I was growing up. Listen to their song "Dreams" it will help you see what a lonely life musicians live. "It's only me who wants to wrap around your dreams and have you any dreams you'd like to sell?" Ted

  6. Chris Pitman Says:

    haha ya know when i read this post i was listening to Fleetwood Mac =) sorry i havent been commenting ryan but theres only so much a phone will let you do....haha Glad you and your dad had a bonding moment far as the job thing ryan im in no place to say anything but i will say this do what makes RYAN happy...stop living to please others


  7. ryan field Says:

    Your dad sounds great.

  8. Hope Says:

    Sounds like everything is going pretty good. Thats awsome. ^^

    It's good to have bonding time. =]
    Glad it went well too. Lol.

    Love ya hun,


    P.s have a good summer, be good. XD