Sam's Story

Another facebook friend Sam Trenowden sent me his coming out story to share with everyone. Good thing about this story was his brother tried to be mean by outing him but it backfired on him. Check out Sam's facebook page also. So in Sam's own words..............

this is another cumming out storie but it wasn't fun I was froced out by my Brother he got into an argument with my Parents about paying rent he went into my room and took out my movies and through them at my Dad and yelled at him and see this is what your older son likes.I got home late that night and saw my movies in a bag and my brother was sleeping on the couch and I asked him what's going on and he said he didn't know. The next day I stayed in my room untill my Dad left for work and I called my Mom into my room and I told her that I was gay and I knew that my Dad was going to throught me out of the house she told me not to worry I'm not going any were. I asked her how my movies got in the bag she told me that it was my Brother who did it after he acused my Dad cheeting on my Mom with a old friend of the family. Well that night my Dad asked me if it's true that I'm gay or what and I told him that I was gay and I was single. He told me that he was going to kick me out but he said he wasn't I looked over at my Brother but he wasn't looking at me but I saw the look on his face his plane didn't work on getting me out of the house. Well he was the one to go and not come back. I have had a great life I meet some people who I did.

Later on in my life I meet someone who I thought would be true to me but he wasn't. He wa the boyfriend of a friend of mine then when she told me they broke up I saked her if she mind if I tryed to go out with him and she said it was ok with her I called him to come over to my place and he did then I started to play with him but he said he wanted to go slow I said ok. About a month after we started going out he let me suck him off but he didn't want to do anything with me. I started getting pissed off with him so I broke it off with him I also found out that he was seeing someone else behind my back and this person didn't have a dick she had a pussy. He came up to me one day and asked if we could go out again because he was alone and needed some love I said I don't know let me think of it he called me and asked me again and I said yes and I was always true to my lovers but I found out again he was doing it again to me. This time he brook up with me and he did over the phone.

Your not going to belive this we went out again but it was a longer time before we went out again it was Christmas time and he invited me to a party going on at a teen youth group that he was with and another friend of mine was there and she didn't know I was gay and I told her I was when he should up with another friend of ours and another guy I didn't know at the time that they were going out untill the friend told me that they were. About a month later he called me and asked to go out again I go to him I thout you were seeing that other guy he told me they brook up so we went out again then he left again and then a year later we started going out again. One night I finished work and I went to the bus trmimel and I saw him with our friend and tow other people I called the friend over and she came over nd gave me a kiss and a hug andI asked her what he was doing and she told me he was tring to go out with her I got pissed when she said that she asked me what was wrong I told her that we were going out she called him over and asked him if it was true and he said he was going out with my so he wouldn't hurt my heart when I heard that I told him to get lost and we were through.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wish that you had had a better
    experience than what you went
    through...It hurts me to hear when
    things go wrong...