People I am just blogged out I think I been thinking about what to write about and nothing my mind's a blank! Ryan Field you ever get writers block? I think that's what I have. So I'm gonna up this up for question maybe something in the past I didn't follow up on or new readers something you don't understand here is your chance to ask and I'll answer them at the end of the week. Or if you have any blog ideas you want me to cover let me know. If not then maybe I'll take a blogging break until the block goes away.

Thanks Love Ya All!

Send your questions!
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  1. Matt Says:

    I am sure you are frustrated, but as a long time reader of your blog (going on almost 4 years now) I think what I enjoy the most is just reading about what's goign on in your life. I love hearing the good and celebrating that with you. I love also learn from the hard times, and feel when I am praying for you I am connected to you. Ryan, I think most readers would agree with me...we don't care if you have a topic of choice or not, this is our way to get to know you, and "hangout" with you, because many of us have never seen you or met you in person. So we don't get to here about the life of Ryan through other ways. That being said, just be you, and share your stories with us. You have a ton, and we all enjoy reading them. Don't worry about topics just tell us about you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yea, Ryry, what you think is routine and boring I will find exciting. I never got to be a proud gay man when I was your age, I had to hide and feel ashamed. To read how well adjusted you are and how much you enjoy being gay is heaven to me. Ed

  3. jimm Says:

    Yeah, we all go thru these blocks.

    Questions, ummm, are you working? Any news about Reed? Has the oil messed up Tampa Bay? Atlanta Falcons predictions?

    Have you seen my whale pics and vid yet?

  4. ryan field Says:

    The best thing to do is take a break when you feel this way.

    The ideas do come back eventually. And they come at the strangest times, too, so keep a small piece of scrap paper around.

    Why don't you get into some political things? I think people are really ready to listen now, especially the lgbt community where everyone is so frustrated with all this hope and change we were promised and yet nothing is happening. And, trust me, I'm not that political at all. But there are some things out there that really get me lately.

  5. duffmanrules Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Why don't you tell us some funny or happy stories about you and Kadin and your family? Those are always wonderful and I'm sure you'll have a lot of stories to tell. They don't have to be embarrassing (but if they are, make sure Kadin or your family are OK with the story being on here).

    Have you told the story of how you and Kadin met? I haven't been reading your blog for that long so I'm not sure if you told that story.

    Take care. We love you!


  6. Matt Says:

    I agree with Les...I would love to hear some good Ryan stories...even if you have to drop back to when you were a we little kid pre blogging years! Ryan, you are amazing and an inspiration to many of us! We love you bro...and we are all hear loyal as friends to you, and excited about whatever you decide to write about whenever you decide to write it!

  7. Laurie Says:

    don't blame ya...
    sometimes ya just gotta let it
    go and move on...maybe one day
    pick it back up...I don't rememeber
    the last time i was on my blog...
    oh well!!!

    LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!


  8. duffmanrules Says:

    Hey Ryan, hope things are Ok with you, Kadin and your family. We understand that you need a break from blogging, so that's fine, we just hooe that things are OK. Can you let us know? Love you always.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    I just got your invite and am looking over your looks good...I hope to follow post some nice pictures too... I love that! Thanks for the invite...

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Ryry, I hope you're all okay. Here's an idea you could blog about NASCAR. I see where your friend came in 8th in a recent race that's pretty darn good! On the History channel they had a story about the start of NASCAR. It said NASCAR was started by the Flock brothers. I never heard of them. They got to be racers by outrunning the law carrying bootleg whiskey during Prohibition. Very interesting stuff to write about? Ed

  11. I blooged for over 4 years, had a lot of posts - and many were on political issues. But work picked up, and blogging became less frequent.

    Then I found twitter and how to hook it to facebook. And its amazing what you can say in 154 characters. So maybe try something like that. Hell, normal stull like what the weather is, the feed you like, TV you're watching can be interesting.

  12. naturgesetz Says:

    There are plenty of us who care about you. I hope you'll want to let us know how you're doing once in a while.

    Now that your posts don't automatically appear on my dashboard, I don't always see your posts right away. But I do remember to check now and then.

    I hope everything is going well with you and Tyler.

    word verification: cussed

  13. ryan field Says:

    Came back just to see if you're doing anything. Looks so lonely over here :(

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Farewell my friend, far thee well. Ed