Wow seems like forever since I posted last sorry but with Tyler being in the hospital just didn't have it in me to post and not got it there yet but emails asking me if something was wrong cause I haven't posted. Thanks so much for caring I know I say it over and over but it's true I love the fact that you care and you take the time to ask.

Tyler came home yesterday and he seems to be just fine. Last weekend he had a set back and that's why he had to stay a few extra days. Turns out they think he was trying to hard to fast after the surgery. But he's doing great now with very little pain he's been eating everything in site and playing video games with Kadin so all in all I think this surgery is going to help him get back to the old Tyler.

While I was there a few of you already know this but I fainted. They took me down to the er and my sugar level was all out of whack and I guess it cause me to faint. I forgot to eat and take my shot so yeah it got to me but least I was in the right place when it happen. Only bad thing is I ended up getting 4 shots that day and even one in my ass. Kadin was pissed at me but seeing me get that shot in the ass made up for it. Um I guess that's about it nothing really more to tell ya spent most of the time at the hospital. For those that don't have me on facebook let me know and I'll add you I try to update there daily least 3 to 4 times a day so just ask me.


Oh before I go my friend Ryan Field has a new book out go check it out I tell once you read just a bit of it you'll want it. When it comes to gay romance novels in my world he is the king!

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The cover alone is freakin hot! I'm thinking he should use me sometime on his cover haha just kidding bro! Love Ya!
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  1. duffmanrules Says:

    Hey Ryan, glad to hear that Tyler is doing better. It sounds like he's getting back to being his old self. It's heartwarming how you love and take care of your family and friends, but you need also to take care of yourself. If you get sick, what's Tyler and Kadin going to do?



  2. Laurie Says:

    I still say they should have
    given you more shots...It
    doesn't matter how many times
    you're told to EAT PLEASE or
    don't get it...I'm not happy...
    Really I'm not...I'm glad that
    Tyler is home and back to his old
    smart assed self but I'm not at
    this point happy with you and
    your eating habits or your lack
    of concern for your health...
    I loves you and I'm not ready
    to lose you...I will NEVER be
    ready to lose my son...
    So if something like that happens
    again I'm gonna say GIVE HIM

    Honey...I loves you...WAY more
    than you will ever know...



  3. ryan field Says:

    Take care of yourself, too!

    I mean that :)

  4. well im gonna jump on the band wagon and tell you to take care of yourself! you are no good to ty or kadin sick in the er. ok enough of that but we care thats why we preach :) and take care of ty that is priority 1 we know you will get to us when you can no bigs. im so happy he is gettin better and back to his old routines and self. yaaaaa ty! aaron

  5. Anonymous Says:

    So glad that Tyler is doing better.I know what it is like to take medicine all of your life. I often think I'll just quit and who will care? but we can't give up living, we can't go softly into that black night, we must fight to live for all life's worth, you know? Ed

  6. Bret Says:

    Glad Ty is better and hmmm...I know I have lacked in the taking care of myself department and got the same ass chewing so I know it comes from love.

    Kadin would have liked them to let him give you the

    Seriously take care of all of yourselves. I know I need to practice what I preach!!!