Clearing Some Stuff Up

Morning Everyone!

I just want to follow up a little on yesterday's post first off I wasn't bitching about the drag show or them not being on time. I along with some others think that they need a earlier show like at 8 why do they have to have them so late 10pm and midnight. I was just thinking if they (The Flamingo) had 3 shows or change the time they might keep more people there than having them come for the 10 pm show and then leave after and go back to Georgie's Alibi. This is just not my idea there were others the night of the thriller show and other Saturday nights that have said the same thing. Whatever it's not my club but they need to listen to the people. What I was bitching about I decided not to go public with and decided if Flamingo wanted to know they could email me and I'll talk with them about it. I will say this for anybody going there I would be very careful about running a tap I'm just saying!

Derek hehe I want to talk about Derek! He came over last night again and we just was hanging out and talked. It amazes me how much we have to talk about. We both have a lot in common but there are somethings we don't and that's good gives us more to talk about. Like me I'm into nascar Derek knows nothing about it but he came over Sunday and watched it with me and wanted to know about it. Derek's not into sports that much at all but seems to like when I talk about it and he ask questions about it when I talk about it so that to me is a good sign. Last night we got in the hot tub and had a glass a wine man it was so great and I so didn't want him to leave. No we didn't do it and trust me I wanted too so bad when he came out with his swim trunks on I was like oh my damn what a hot body! But I was good even though I wanted to jump him so bad hope he felt that way about me! Tonight he's coming over so we can watch Glee can't wait!


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  1. Carl Says:

    It is so nice to hear you happy.